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[TOP 100] RPG Battle Themes #15 Shadow Hearts Covenant
Chicago House, Gospel House Mix By Faith
28 - Ki's Body Revisited - SaGa 2 (Final Fantasy Legend II) Dragon Race Bug (Teleport)
God Hates A Coward - Tomahawk (live)
Splatter-House HD Walkthrough Ep. 18: So Many Tendrils
Let's play Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess : 3 : Faron Woods
41 - ドラゴン レース チート Dragon Race Bug - サガ2秘宝伝説 映画 SaGa 2 Movie
[TOP 100] RPG Battle Themes #63 Final Fantasy VIII
Jin's World : Episode 1 : Green Penis
call of duty 6 modern warfare 2 game-play NUKE scrapyard 34 kill-streak
Call of Duty - Black ops Gunship and Chopper Gunner
Jin's World : 3 : Killing stuff and other stuff and stuff and some more stuff after that stuff.....
Spindrift at Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia 2
Badge Of The Winged Serpent - 2
Sonic The HedgeHog Game Play! (#66)
Cody Rhodes GAY??
[Top 100 Countdown] Hundred Best RPG Battle Themes #8 Lost Odyssey
Battlefield 2 In Your Eyes by Team MondialS
God Cares for Sparrows and World Cup Soccer Fans Judge Wyld BTR.wmv
42 - 速度パワー一服 72 Free Speed or Power Potions - サガ2秘宝伝説 SaGa 2
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend Full Walkthrough - Bolivia 1/4 [PS2]
30 - イシスの戦いソロ ダブルパパ Isis Solo & Double Dad - サガ2秘宝伝説 SaGa 2
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Spartacus Draws Up a New Battle Plan With Prequel Series Gods of the Arena

Rome wasn't built in a day, but Spartacus: Gods of the Arena came damn close. This is the program Starz quickly green-lit last year when Season 2 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand had to be put on hold due to leading man Andy Whitfield 's cancer diagnosis. Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

Lucy Lawless revels in over-the-top 'Spartacus' role

The campy legend of Lucy Lawless' iconic small ... to witness the new six-part prequel, "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena," when it premieres tonight. "You really have to let people know to watch right to the very last drop," she said. Still not convinced? Source: Detroit Free Press

Bob Dylan may have more books on the way

Bob Dylan reportedly has signed a six-book deal with Simon & Schuster for two more volumes of his acclaimed “Chronicles, Vol. 1” autobiography, which was tied to his “Theme Time Radio Hour” program that ran for three years on Sirius XM radio and ... Source: Los Angeles Times

An Attack on the Soul of the Nation

The shooter raised his gun to her head, and then he kept shooting until 14 people ... To that end, we are inviting our bloggers and readers to reflect with us all this week on God's Politics , to offer thoughts, prayers, confessions, and hopes, all aimed ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

The year has finally begun

Then came Aprius, Maius, and lunius. Martius, Aprius and Maius were named for Gods so they are capitalize. lunius was named for the moon, and was the month of the summer solstice. Then came quintilis, sextilus, five and six. The next four we still call ... Source: Gather.com

Wilmington on Movies: The Way Back, The Company Men and Blue Valentine

Movie tales of  agonizing attempts at human survival against long odds in dangerous conditions — from Robert Aldrich‘s The Flight of the Phoenix (plane-crash in the desert), Kalatozov’s The Red Tent (Arctic expedition gone wrong) and Kurosawa’s ... Source: Movie City News

Catching up with Randal Hill: From 'The U' to the Feds

Hill takes special precautions as a federal agent and former high-profile athlete. He keeps a gun by his bed at night and likens it to the American Express card: "Don't leave home without it." "The Internet is a very powerful thing," Hill said. Source: Collegebaseball.rivals.com

Rightbloggers Comfort the Real Victims of the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting: Themselves

After Saturday's shootings in Arizona -- which left Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords badly wounded and six people dead -- rightbloggers were swift to condemn... any possible criticism of themselves. Oops. You might expect rightbloggers to be ... Source: Village Voice (blog)

The Conservative Constitution of the United States

Any law enacted by Congress and signed by the President may be overturned by the vote of three or more States if they find it burdensome, offensive, annoying or in any way touching on Health Insurance, Property Rights or Guns. Congress shall have no power ... Source: Common Dreams

Without Lemmy and Motorhead, There Wouldn't Be Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, or Metallica. Period.

But also, watching the movie and seeing Lemmy progress throughout the film, it dawns on me that this guy has always just stuck to his guns and never bit in to a trend or a new technology recording-wise. Most of us just sort of naturally change with the ... Source: Seattle Weekly (blog)