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I Can't Believe I Kidnapped Her A Jemi Story Chapter 2
Elektra Tribute
GTA SA Multiplayer Movie Part 4 - The Kidnap
A Nelena Story Episode 16
Little Ninjas Escape Technique
wishes.♥//one shot
Life's What You Make It (a JB story) ch 25 [marathon ch 5/6]
I Know How Madeleine WAS Taken Madeleine's Song
Banned Mormon Cartoon
Project - Horror Film
one piece 521 *SPOILER*
Very Stupid Boys aka Pet Shop Boys get revenge on Walliams and Lucas
How to do Pyrography : Cross Hatching & Adding Texture in Wood Burning for Pyrography
Honey and Clover 10.3 English-subbed
You're the best mother that Jake could possibly have.
Author of Pedophile Guide' Arrested
Local News Channel Investigates Kidnap Attempts & GPS Tracker As Possible Counter Measure
Life Is Death Season 2 Episode 5.
a *jonas* story chapter 10
Breathe - Ep.2
My Way To... - Niley Story [E27 S1]
Six Billion Earthings Could Be Wrong
Iraqi violence, children being cooked
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Neighborhood Chicken Manages to Escape Kidnappers

Residents at one San Pedro apartment building say their beloved neighborhood chicken has miraculously returned after being birdnapped six months ago. The wild chicken, affectionately known as "Kwok Kwok," came to the apartment complex in the 1100 block of ... Source: NBC Los Angeles

Time to Get Over the Iran Hostage Crisis

The harrowing 444-day ordeal that still poisons Iran-American relations came to an end 30 years ago today. Stephen Kinzer on conservative politicians and former hostages who say it’s time for the countries to bury the hatchet. Thirty years after American ... Source: Daily Beast

Italy: The Cesare Battisti case and the attack on democratic rights

According to her, the protest was made necessary by “the insufficient effort of the [Berlusconi] government that has done little in order to obtain answers from Brazil.” The “law and order” Italia dei Valori’s Antonio Di Pietro sounded a similar ... Source: World Socialist Web Site

Kidnappers Cliffs and Hawkes Bay Sound Intimidating, But Make Great Wines

No one accuses Kiwis of doing things halfway. Hotel options don’t exactly abound. You could stay at the ultra-luxe Farm at Cape Kidnappers resort about 30 minutes south along the famous cliffs at Cape Kidnappers, but that will run you over $500 a night... Source: Jaunted.com

Pigs in the city on run from cops

POLICE have appealed for help tracking down three PIGS on the loose in a city suburb. The stray trio escaped from their pen three days ago and have been spotted grazing on verges and exploring a local housing estate. People have been advised not to ... Source: The Sun

This Lohri, groove the Sufiana way

Bhuppi, who read this story as a child, recalls, “He once rescued a girl from kidnappers and adopted her as his daughter. After he died, people started remembering him by creating a bonfire. Children would move in groups and sing the Dulla Bhatti folk ... Source: Daily Pioneer

A working life: The ship's captain

All this talk of piracy seems a little fanciful on the wintry Suffolk coast ... Mercifully, Whelan has not yet had to confront kidnappers directly. He attributes this to the high speeds the Kithira's 12-cylinder engines can achieve. Source: The Guardian

Mexican exiles in El Paso can see their pasts across the river

The kidnappers beat him, then threw him in a room ... I can see the gas station where I used to stop," he said. And his church. And a little shopping center. "I feel sick seeing all that," he said. The exiles also can see the Juarez violence play out daily ... Source: The Vancouver Sun

'Onion News Network' skewers cable news. What did you think of last night's premiere?

Now we should warn our viewers at home that Susan’s kidnappers have not allowed her access to a hair-and-makeup team, so these images are very disturbing,” cautioned ONN co-host Tucker Hope while manning the “high-definition recon wall” (an ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

UFO Hunting with Google Maps

Thanks to the internet, the concept of a government secret has been rendered little more than a quaint James Bond plot device. For example, in decades past, the public only had conjecture and hearsay to feed its curiosity about the inner workings of the US ... Source: msnbc.com