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(2/5) Pacific Lost Evidence Tarawa Episode 2 World War II
Human Weapon 01x08 Marine Corps Martial Arts (2)
US Marine Corps. Infantry Traning (Part 2 of 2)
How to paint Space Wolves Space Marine part 2 by Lester Bursley
StarCraft 2 Strategy - [T] Marine Banshee - Step-by-Step
Bart Talks About His Experience In the Marines Part 2
US Marine Funeral, Robert P. Warns II
2009 United States Marine Corps Birthday Message
How to paint Dark Angels: Video 2
(2/5) Dangerous Missions The Cockleshell Heroes
Starcraft 2: Tauren Space Marine Easter Egg
Dawn of War 2 - Space Marine Campaign Walkthrough
World biggest garbage dump - plastic in the Ocean
Combat Camera Video: US Marines, Afghan National Army Joint Patrol, Part 1
(2/5) Pacific Lost Evidence Iwo Jima World War II
The Andy Griffith Show (S4E32) - Gomer Pyle, USMC(2/3)
Blue Peter PRMC PART 2
Human Weapon [HQ] - Marine.Corps.Martial.Arts part 2/5
Operation Flashpoint 2 'Take The Beach' Mission [1/2] TRUE-HD QUALITY
StarCraft 2 Strategy - [T] Hellion Thor TvT - Step-by-Step
Video Essay: Diary of a US Marine, Part 2
Alien vs. Predator 3 - Marine Gameplay Video (1/2) - Normal Quality
How to paint White Scars Space Marine Part 2 by Lester Bursley
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My Marine
plasma marine 2
Combat Squad A Marine 2
Chaos Space Marine 2 (Back)
Space Marine 2
Art - Chaos Marine 2
My Marine 2
Combat Squad B Marine 2
highschool to marine love
Marine 2
Tactical Marine 2
Shock Marine 2
Future Marine 2
marine 2
marine 2
Marine 2
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Pendleton Marines see progress in Afghanistan

U.S. Marines are expanding their relationships with tribal leaders in Afghanistan to build a bulwark against the Taliban as violence subsides in several areas of Helmand province, the new deputy commander in charge of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force ... Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

2 turned away trying to visit WikiLeaks GI

Two backers of a jailed Army private suspected of passing classified documents to the WikiLeaks website say their car was towed after they arrived at a Marine base to visit him. David House and blogger Jane Hamsher say in a statement they had not had ... Source: AP - msnbc.com

"The Palestine Papers": Final Nail in the Coffin of the Peace Process?

An unspoken truth held to be self-evident by many in the Middle East is that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is dead. If so, the trove of more than 1,600 secret Palestinian documents whose release by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera news organization and ... Source: YAHOO!

Ex-Marine files lawsuit over Camp Lejeune water

RALEIGH, N.C. — A former Marine has filed a $16 million lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that contaminated water at Camp Lejeune caused him to contract a rare form of breast cancer. Joel Shriberg of Pinehurst said in Friday's lawsuit that ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Even quiet night has its twists and turns: BRUNSWICK POLICE/BEHIND THE SCENES

6:25 p.m. Center Road Patrolman Jim Keaveney certainly looks the part of former military – from the Marine-issue haircut on down – though ... And she told you she had $2. Some people really need help, but I don’t want to give everything to every bum ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

2 years in, Obama sizes up altered State of the Union: economic stability, shifting politics

The nation may have weathered its economic crisis, but the same cannot be said for many people. The unemployment rate was 8.2 percent in February 2009, when Obama first addressed Congress. It hit double digits by that October and was 9.4 percent at last report. Source: Orlando Sentinel

DANA PERINO: How Obama Could Use the State of the Union to Put Some Spark Back Into His 'Marriage ...

But if you’re still asking that question after the wedding, there are sure to be troubled waters ahead. Just this past week, 2 years after his inauguration, USA Today’s cover story asked, “Who is President Obama?” Shouldn’t we know that by now? Source: FOX News

Hanie the Only Bright Spot in Bears Loss to Packers

When the Bears took the field, you could tell something wasn't quite right. They acted as if this game was of no importance and just a regular season game. The air became thicker when the Packers scored and watching the Bears offense coming off the field ... Source: Associated Content

Shooting at Walmart in Wash. state leaves 2 dead, 2 sheriff's deputies wounded

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. (AP) — A shootout in front of a Walmart in Washington state left two people dead and two sheriff's deputies wounded Sunday afternoon, a sheriff's spokesman said. One of the dead was a man who shot at deputies, said Scott Wilson of the ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Hail the whale: Ocean ecology has its day in the sun at Whalefest Monterey

A pamphlet distributed at the festival by Surfrider Foundation suggested 10 ways people can take better care of their oceans and beaches (18,000 of which are closed each year for health reasons), including picking up pet waste (which makes marine life sick ... Source: San Jose Mercury News