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Misfits of Science Episode 1 (1-10)
The Misfits - Spook City USA
The Misfits 1x01 cz.3 PL
The Day the Music Died (Part 1 of 3) Episode 60
Father's Day-Jem (Part 1 of 3) Episode 33
Broadway Magic (Part 2 of 3) Episode 16
The World Hunger Shindig (Part 1 of 3) Episode 9
Britrock (Part 2 of 3) Epsiode 50
Misfits - Vampira
A Change of Heart-Jem (Part 2 of 3)
The Misfits - Speak of The Devil (Live Studio)
The Misfits 1x03 cz.3 PL
Scandal (Part 1 of 3) Episode 29
The Misfits - We Bite
Misfits Bloodfeast Horror Tribute
Danse Time (Part 3 of 3) Episode 38
A Few The Misfits Songs(By request) Jem and the Holograms
The Misfits - Bullet - Plan 9/Caroline Records
The World Hunger Shindig (Part 2 of 3) Episode 9
The Misfits - Helena - subtitulada español
The Misfits - Earth AD
In Stitches (Part 2 of 3) (Episode 12)
Marilyn Monroe - The Misfits Behind the Scenes
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Q&A: With Elway and Xanders now running the show, Broncos can't afford to bomb in the draft

Today's question about the Broncos comes from Henrik Lohmann in Copenhagen. Send your questions via e-mail to jlegwold@denverpost.com . Q: Since 2005, the Broncos have drafted 45 players, and only 22 are on the roster. Do you think they have the right ... Source: Denver Post

Winslow will bring in the noises to Charlotte stage

That's a great question. I'm curious to find out what they're going to do (with this one). There has to be someone to train the next generation of misfits. Maybe that's what it will be," he adds. Winslow, who resides in central Florida and divides his time ... Source: CharlotteObserver.com

The dream of the ’90s alive and well in ‘Portlandia’

In a way, “Portlandia’’ does to Portland what NBC’s “Parks and Recreation’’ does to small-town Indiana; it gives us a little population of local misfits, then teases them for their exaggerated provincial affectations. But almost all of the ... Source: Boston Globe

The Tucson Massacre And The End Of The Merely Political

This 1962 novel is a dramatization of (among other things) an inhumane, and indefensible, system of institutionalizing the mentally ill–along with mere eccentrics, those with below-average IQ and social misfits. It, and the award-winning movie based on ... Source: Forbes (blog)

The travels of the Constitution

From Jill Lepore's excellent essay on the document: The secretary of the convention carried the original to New York to present it to Congress, which met, at the time, at City Hall. Without either endorsing or opposing it, Congress agreed to forward the ... Source: Washington Post

Can the Dysfunctional Chicago Cubs Compete for the N.L. Central in 2011?

San Francisco Giants Manager Bruce Bochy said a bunch of castoffs and misfits won the World Series in 2010. After enormously disappointing seasons in 2009 and 2010, the Cubs definitely fall in the category of misfits. How did a team that seemed to be the ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Curious' "Circle Mirror" circles up five drama-class misfits

Don't let the title cause your fingers to scratch your head, says actor Erica Sarzin-Borrillo. Curious Theatre's "Circle Mirror Transformation," by Annie Baker, is not a sci-fi freakout. It's a sweet comedy about five misfits taking an adult creative drama ... Source: Denver Post

ASK IRA: How could the Heat look that bad?

Q:  I never saw such a mess: Wade and the Heat falling asleep on defense, Wade going for a steal instead of playing straight up, the terrible plays they ran (or didn’t run) at the end. It was very disappointing. You have to believe that Spo’ was ... Source: Sun-Sentinel (blog)

City count the cost of Hughes errors

What could be seen as Roberto Mancini stamping his mark on the City squad is something altogether simpler - an attempt to divest himself of misfits. Only Adebayor has produced on the pitch and much too sporadically for City's liking. His failings are of ... Source: ESPN Soccernet

The Lowdown on Schizoid Personality Disorder

People with schizoid personality disorder are often viewed as loners, misfits or oddballs because of the socially isolated life they choose. But what are these people really like? While there are similarities between schizoid personality disorder (SPD) and ... Source: Associated Content