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Parallax World Beyond Knowledge TV Special Pt 2-3
Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote
Parallax View
Sony announces NEX series of compact, lightweight, mirrorless SLRs : DigInfo
PV Cape Part 2
Parallax View Review Part 5
Parallax View at Havré - Nightmare
Descent - Lunar Military Base (Episode 1 Level 3) [SoundFont Game MIDI Music]
Slavoj Zizek. On Belief and Otherness. 2002 3/6
A Little Parallax View
Parallax PING Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Mounted On Boe Bot Mobile Wheeled Robot by RobotShop.com
Slavoj Zizek. Plea for Ethical Violence. 2004 5/6
Victor Vitanza. Lyotard: Hesitating Thought 2010 10/19
Parallax View - I Found You.wmv
Parallax View at Havré - I Hear
Diode's point of view
E112_April_23_2010 Zenrin Industry News
Victor Vitanza. Lyotard: Hesitating Thought 2010 8/19
Slavoj Zizek. Plea for Ethical Violence. 2004 1/6
Parallax View & Mike @ Air Rock Fest, La Louv! 10 07 2010
Slavoj Zizek. Plea for Ethical Violence. 2004 4/6
PV Cape Part 1
Slavoj Zizek. Pact with the Devil: Christianity and Zionism. 2006
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Parallax View
the parallax view
Parallax View
The Parallax View (1974)
executive action the parallax view
Bush 6500 2-16x42 Parallax view
The Parallax View
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Re-imagining the fate of the Holy Grail of cinephilia

Dave Kehr's blog (where you'll find some of the best discussions about film on the web) is sub-titled " reports from the lost continent of cinephilia ." As far as I'm concerned, the Holy Grail of the lost continent of cinephilia is the vanished footage ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times (blog)

The evolution of trends for 2011

Panasonic, for example, is pushing tech that requires a type of active shutter glasses to view. These glasses don't come cheap -- about $150 a pair. And they won't necessarily work on 3-D sets made by other companies. A better idea might be sets using ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Big Obscenity: A Trillion Dollars a Year to the Richest 1%

If you make less than $114,000 a year (90% of us), you've been financially damaged by the flow of income to the richest 1% of Americans over the past 30 years. Based on Internal Revenue Service figures, if middle- and upper-middle class families had ... Source: Common Dreams

ViewSonic Debuts ViewFun(TM) 3D Line at CES; Puts 3D and Content Creation in the Hands of Consumers

Enjoy instant live 3D playback on the 2.4" LCD panel without glasses, using parallax barrier technology. Then play back content instantly on a standard PC or notebook by wearing the included red/cyan glasses. Or, use the mini HDMI port to view images and ... Source: msnbc.com

Nintendo 3DS Brings 3D Gaming to the U.S. on March 27

NEW YORK CITY -- Nintendo of America will bring the latest iteration of its bestselling portable gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS, to U.S. gamers on March 27 for $250. It will be available in two colors: Aqua Blue and Midnight Black. The Japanese game maker ... Source: Hollywood Reporter

Can We Trust Climate Models? Increasingly, the Answer is ‘Yes’

A chart appears on page 45 of the 2007 Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), laying out projections for what global temperature and sea level should look like by the end of this century. Both are projected to rise, which ... Source: Common Dreams

The Best Shooter I've Played in Years and it's on a Phone

Your ship and all enemies are rendered in 3D vectors, not just flat shapes, and the backgrounds consist of simple and elegant parallax scrolling. When you start to damage an enemy craft, textured smoke starts to billow from them, a stark and refreshing ... Source: 1UP.COM

EDITORIAL: Addressing The Green Lantern "Troubled Production" and "Terrible Movie" Comments

First, and foremost, I think it is important for me to mention that I recieved my Bachelor of Science in Film/Television/Radio while attending college. Yes, it involved a lot of production and post-production classes, but I also have a lot of education in ... Source: COMICBOOKMOVIE.com

The Ultimate Guide To The Nintendo 3DS

The upper display of the 3DS features a parallax barrier, a thin layer of material featuring ... based 3D solution where the player can view the effect from any distance or angle. The 3DS comes with a depth slider control that should help fine tune the ... Source: Kotaku.com

The comic book movie formula: It works

But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected.” The hero: Hal Jordan is that human, an Air Force ... Source: Tulsa World