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The Sorptive Mirror - Part I
Charlie Chaplin The Pawnbroker
Pawnbroking and Dumpster Divers - Better than Pawn Stars
Jazz At The Pawnshop - Over The Rainbow
Making ends meet at the pawn shop
Dead Rising 2: Case 0 - The Pawnbroker Dick & Saving Gemini
IGEM Portable Jewelry and Gold Gram Scale 2000g x 0.1g
Sublime Pawn Shop Dub + Johnny Butt Live 11-9-95 Ventura, CA
Jay Folberg: Negotiation Skillset Observed from PawnBroker - Mediate.com Video
Psychedelic Pawn Shop with Colin Dodds
Tales From The Crypt : Only Sin Deep (1x04) Pt. 1/3
Tinsley Ellis - Pawnbroker
Pawn Shop Scammers
Defending the Undefendable (Chapter 17: The Moneylender) by Walter Block
Pawn Shop by Sublime bassline
Tales From The Crypt : Only Sin Deep (1x04) Pt. 3/3
The Color of Glass - Pawn Shop
Stuck Lookin' At You - Mike's Pawn Shop
Pawnshop Bluesband: Pipeline live
Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness Renne's Pawnshop
Pawn Shops Doing Brisk Business
Pawnshop kings, Don't Say That
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Jim McManus
Door to stairwell in the pawnbroker's apartment building
The Lonely Pawnbroker
Dark second courtyard of a really neat building near the pawnbroker's building
Pawn Balls
Fun at the Pawnbroker
Mr Jabez Wilson pawnbroker copying the Encyclopedia Britannica in the Redheaded League
Guitars in Century Pawnbroker's Window on Cookman3-24-08
In Gallup New Mexico at the pawnbroker's store
The pawnbroker's apartment (Blurry because of dying camera battery)
Stairs in the pawnbroker's apartment building
more shipmates includes dancers and pawnbroker
I accidentally stole skex's bounty here
Pawn balls 01
Yoshinoya Pawnbroker
first cash pawn logo
the pawnbroker
Demolition 2010-09-03
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Bay Street, by the numbers

In addition to two churches, you'll find a pawnbroker, and popular local watering-holes – Rosebank Tavern and Danny Blaine's. But when we compiled a detailed inventory of what's on the street, we found that businesses related to food and drink – sellin ... Source: Staten Island Advance

This Norwich pawnbroker becomes a real 'roll' model

Five years ago, Timothy Sullivan of Mystic had to start using a wheelchair to get around. His arthritis had progressed to the point where he could no longer walk long distances, and his wife, Francine, struggled to push him around as they did their normal ... Source: TheDay

The return of the pawn industry

When Rodion Raskolnikov, the impoverished student from St Petersburg, sets out to commit the perfect murder in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, the target for his deed is his local pawnbroker. Her murder, reasons Raskolnikov, would rid the world of a ... Source: The Independent

Buskers and the art of eye contact

The Big Day Out is all about the music of course and while the big names headline the show there's plenty more on offer throughout the day. Along with some of the biggest and boldest acts from around the world, the day also had a very strong local presence ... Source: Scoop

FSB adds fuel to the fire over tax hikes

Businesses blamed transport disruption, staff absences and problems accessing their premises for the enforced shut-downs; as Paul Aitken of online pawnbroker Borro.com mentioned in an interview with MT last week, he’s seen an increase in small retailers ... Source: Management Today

Book review: Ours Are the Streets

He could, he hoped, atone for killing a morally worthless pawnbroker with his own subsequent good deeds - the kind of thought that presumably sails right past the mind of a suicide bomber. By the time Raskolnikov finds out that he can't find such easy ... Source: Scotsman

National pawnbroker opens shop in Carlisle city centre

The new store is in the former Creme clothing shop on Lowther Street in Carlisle. The move follows shortly after the financial services firm secured a substantial multi-million pound funding facility to enable it to grow turnover to £50m, create 130 jobs ... Source: News and Star

Pawnbroker Profits Grow As Brits Trade In Items

The company has announced it expects pre-tax profits to exceed market expectations after a bumper year. Cash-strapped consumers have been flocking to such firms, which have grown in number since the recession. With more than 130 shops offering pawnbroking ... Source: Sky.com

Pawnbroker H&T reports record year

H&T Group has said its profits will be higher than City expectations after a record-breaking year for its pawnbroking business. Profits for 2010 should exceed the upper end of market expectations of £26 million after consumers increasingly turned to its H ... Source: Westmidlands.com

La Jolla artist shares odyssey into Jewish literature via art

Other films featured in the show include: “The Pawnbroker,” “The Pianist,” “The Fixer” and “Driving Miss Daisy.” Each of Ratajkowski’s portraits is accompanied by a quote from the film it depicts, such as “My father taught me to look ... Source: La Jolla Village News