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Ice Cube Wicked DVD quality + lyrics (uncensored)
The Girls of Hedsor Hall: Eating Disgusting Food That English People Love
Christmas Shoppers Stunned by Explosion (Suicide attack)
Yummy Tummy (Pig Stomach)
I Don't Want Your Cooking
Killdozer : 'The Pig Was Cool'
Ministry - Filth Pig; creepy and gory slideshow
True Lies in Manipur - CNN IBN
Tomba! (Tombi!) 2 The Evil Swine Return Final Evil Pig Part 2/2
Celebrating Veganism by EVOLVE! Campaigns
Pig lipstick: Keith Olbermann comments on faux scandal
Lipstick on a Big Fat Ugly Pig
minecraft pig factory
Pig People Trailer 2
SNFU - Live ITALY 1992
Pet Star: Smart Pig
Pig Run (Hmong Short funny Film)
Show Lo - Hawaii Vacation [ENG SUB]
Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.1 of 5)
Metalcore Church [hilarious]
Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses
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i got a pig on my knee
The Pig People 2
the PIG
lipstick on a pig
pig people
The Pig People 1
Us and the Pig People
scary-arse Chanel pig-people
Otakon 77
Pig People on the move
gir wants to rule the pig people
Me Working on set
Ashley aka guinea pig
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The persistent myth of the hero citizen gunslinger

PHOENIX -- To many gun owners, the question of whether to arm even more people in a country that already has upwards of 300 million guns is as calcified as a Sonoran Desert petroglyph. It's written in stone, among the fiercest of firearms advocates, that ... Source: Oregonian

The Member HelpCenter™ for 01/22 - Have a Question? or Need Help?

Welcome to the Member-to-Member HelpCenter™ -- Where other Gather members help you with your Gather-related questions or problems! Enter your question below and receive a response from other members! gather.com helpme help gather answer answers questions ... Source: Gather.com

From the comments: Do you favor Saginaw's dangerous dogs ordinance?

I just wish they could do more. Make it harder on people that have "dangerous" ANIMALS, there are more than just dogs out there that I feel should be restricted. Why does anyone need more than one dog anyway? bigdan48602 : I'm not sure why the government ... Source: MLive.com

'Shrek the Musical' lands at TPAC with laughs for whole family

It makes me sad that people might have low expectations," Petersen says. He was a standby for the role of Shrek on Broadway, playing Papa Ogre and one of the three pigs before taking on the lead. The piece was probably considered more of a "touristy" show ... Source: Nashville Tennessean

Megyn Kelly and the Nazi question: when -- and who -- can use the word?

Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, said on Thursday that she doesn't think the civility ban requested by President Obama should extend to cable news hosts or radio hosts -- only to lawmakers. In front of a mostly empty House floor on Tuesday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D ... Source: Washington Post

The Outstanding Dividend Stock I'm Buying Now

Do you like a fat dividend? What about a growing dividend? And a company with a legalized monopoly that can keep those fat payouts climbing? Then I think you're going to love this outstanding stock, which I've been buying for my own portfolio in the past ... Source: Motley Fool

Remains of the Day: Don't buy until you see the whites of their iPhones

I can't wait until the Very Special Episode where the birds and pigs learn important lessons about how to get along with one another. Unforeseeable growth: Analyst failure on iPad as indicator of disruptive change (Asymco) Nobody—not Macworld 's own ... Source: YAHOO!

Top of the World Lamb Tagine

1. Season lamb generously with salt and pepper and set aside for 2 hours (or refrigerate over-night). Preheat oven to 325 degrees. 2. Melt butter in a large skillet. Add onions, season with salt and crumble saffron over them. Saute over medium heat until ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Behind the review, Local Three: Boiled peanuts?

In my review today of Local Three , I mentioned that chef Chris Hall prepares an excellent rendition of boiled peanuts — cooked just to that creamy-bursty point and deeply flavored with chile, garlic and bay leaf. I’ve also noticed boiled peanuts show ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Obama Embraces the "Economic Philosophy That Has Completely Failed"

President Obama's Executive Order on regulatory review was originally set in motion by his February 3, 2009 direction to OMB to create an improved regulatory review process. The fundamental principles and structures governing contemporary regulatory review ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com