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Deams - The Legacy EP promo
Otis Taylor - Ten Million Slaves **** Public Enemies Soundtrack ****
[AH] Tyreke Evans - Harder Than You Think
Superman's Black in the Building
Public Enemy 2002 eng 8 of 14
Chuck D interview - Hangin' with the Rage (Pinkpop 1996)
Flavor Flav and Tom Green!
Marcus Williams on Alex Jones Tv 3/4
Skate 2 OST - Track 29 - Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
DJ Hero Gorillaz vs. Public Enemy Trailer [HD]
StarCraft 2 Cutscene Collection 2 of 18 -- Public Enemy
Public Enemy - Nighttrain (Pete Rock Remix Instrumental)
James Cagney meets Jean Harlow
Andre Nickatina & Equipto - Public Enemy #7
Copyright Criminals Trailer
Public Enemy Chuck D - GATHERING144 - ..they become upset. That's what TRUTH does.
Professor Griff of Public Enemy Drops Knowledge
I'm Falling For You Original
Flavor Flav talks about sex
ECW Fans:Somone Throw Me A Chair Cactus Jack and Terry Funk
Public Enemy - Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need
Public Enemies in (HD) - Johnny Depp, Marion Cotillard and Christian Bale
Malcolm X after his pilgrimmage to Mecca (2 of 2)
Professor Griff (Public Enemy) says No to Barack Obama, Supports Cynthia Mckinney Part 2
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Fans roar, chant as they own enemy territory

To come into enemy territory and to win is beyond words, to hear 'Go Pack Go' is beyond description," said Jeff Roznowski of Wauwatosa. In a way, it really was beyond words for these fans gathered in the cold of an Upper Midwest winter, witnesses to the ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Bears, Packers tailgaters start the party early

It’s a game that we won’t experience again for who knows how long.” Also stuck deep in enemy territory among Soldier Field tailgaters was Green Bay resident Craig Stillman, who said he got his tickets Tuesday on Ebay, paying about $600 each. Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The State of the Union: A Surprising Preview

But still the enemy hunkers down, unbowed ... priced health care services, public investment -- these are discounted in what passes for popular economic discourse. What is to be done? I propose to tell you what we need. If you are able to mobilize and ... Source: TPMCafe (blog)

Israeli intolerance shows up on Internet, in Knesset, on the street

About half preferred not to live near foreigners. Some question whether the tide of intolerance is rising at all, saying the public debate in Israel has been hijacked by extremists in part because of the weakness of the centrist and liberal political parties. Source: Los Angeles Times

Execution, Not Mike Martz, Is the Reason Why Chicago Bears May Lose on Sunday

The Chicago Bears are one win away from reaching the Super Bowl for the second time under Lovie Smith. The only obstacle that stands between the Bears and their plane tickets to Dallas is their rival from the North, the Green Bay Packers. A Bears win ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

No Return to the Gold Standard

For example, we can increase public information on the quality and quantity of grain ... We can try to ensure that the "perfect" isn't the enemy of the "good." How important are cities to the climate change debate? Cities are significant players in all ... Source: Newsweek

Kobe Bryant's 81-point performance five years ago against Toronto vivid example of how scoring helped the team

Finally, there came a point when Coach Phil Jackson felt comfortable enough the Lakers would secure a victory that Kobe Bryant no longer needed to be on the court. "Maybe I should take him out because the game is in the bag," Jackson recalled saying to ... Source: Los Angeles Times Blogs


Definitions are easy, they are found in the dictionary. Yet, millions of Americans remain stuck in a quagmire of dissenting views and alleged expert opinions over the simple term natural born citizen, one of only a few strict constitutional requirements ... Source: Gather.com

Megyn Kelly and the Nazi question: when -- and who -- can use the word?

What do you think? Should there be a ban of Nazi imagery for lawmakers? Or for everyone engaged in public discourse? Is it time to end Godwin's law? Tweet Use #naziban to tell us who should or shouldn't be able to use any imagery related to the Holocaust. Source: Washington Post

The GOP's Health-Care Repeal Kabuki

NEW YORK – The Republicans got their symbolic victory in the House on health care. But with Speaker John Boehner’s repeal effort going nowhere fast, Eric Alterman asks, who’s really running the show? In a move that, with any justice, would enshrine ... Source: YAHOO!