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World's Smallest Playable Harmonica
Lacul de Mihai Eminescu (Jules Massenet - Mediterian, from Thais; Franz Liszt - Liebestraum)
Using a clarinet reed knife
Reed Wizard
Do You Make These Oboe Mistakes?
Toccata on St Anne
The Morning Trush (Reel)
Mel Martin On Soprano Sax And The Art Of Tone
Replacing Suzuki Chromatic Reeds: Part 2
Paul Weller - Wings Of Speed
Peter Andrews at Baramul Stud - Wetlands 1
cassidy vs reeds 1
Pt.1: Yosemite Climbing Culture, Road Trip and Park Intro
This Mystery Place
cassidy vs reeds 2
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (1/2), 13 Feb 2009, Amsterdam
Let's Play Minecraft - Part 10
How to Play Tenor Saxophone : How to Choose a Reed for a Tenor Saxophone
Bonden Och Räven - The Farmer And The Fox
The New Lou Reeds - The Bomber
Irish Bagpipers Warm Up with Scotland the Brave and The Rowan Tree
Nina Simone Feeling Good
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my boy
Reeds Lake look
Reeds me :)
June 2007
Diapason reeds
ESR reeds
Custom made intake boot for YZ
Diapason reeds
Yum reeds They're good for your teeth
Frosted reeds
reeds 30
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The Reeds In The News

Atlanta mayor holds his own on "Meet the Press"

The national exposure was a steppingstone of sorts for Reed. It has been clear the mayor understands insider politics and is quickly becoming a national player, even from his tiny office on Trinity Avenue in downtown Atlanta. During his year-plus in office ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Pension decision biggest for Reed

As the chairman of Atlanta’s general employees pension board, Al Berry Jr. has been a busy man lately. Two weeks ago, Berry and the rest of the city sat through a lengthy presentation by a pension reform panel, who outlined at least seven options that ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Passenger Trains: Clearly the Change We've Been Waiting For

It's called a spontaneous order. Lawrence Reed, of the Foundation for Economic Education, explains it this way: "Spontaneous order is what happens when you leave people alone -- when entrepreneurs ... see the desires of people ... and then provide for them. Source: RealClearPolitics

In San Antonio's District 4 it's the new breed vs. the old guard

Councilman Reed Williams is probably the best example of someone who does present a well rounded council representation, most likely built from his years of business leadership. So the question really becomes whether District 4 voters are looking at this ... Source: Burnt Orange Report

The Star’s editorial | Recommendations for KC Council primaries

Both have the potential to work productively on Kansas City’s behalf with a new council. Just three months ago, Jermaine Reed was finding his footing as a first-time candidate. He was enthusiastic in saying he wanted to serve, but not precise with ideas ... Source: Kansas City Star

Obama budget to propose cuts in heat subsidies for the poor

Jack Reed of Rhode Island, who was joined by Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine. Follow Yahoo! Finance on Twitter ; become a fan on Facebook Source: Yahoo Finance

Dixie deputy knew the end was near, widow says

CROSS CITY — Two days before his last Christmas, Chad Reed had a feeling. It was date night for the Reeds, Dec. 23, 2009. The couple had just picked up the last few stocking-stuffers for their boys and were headed north on U.S. 19 to meet friends. Source: St. Petersburg Times

Three books on the gulf oil spill

In Too Deep ," by Bloomberg News journalists Stanley Reed and Alison Fitzgerald, opens with a brief account of the blowout, then moves on to BP's history, starting in Iran during the 1950s, when the U.S. and British governments overthrew the democratically ... Source: Washington Post

On the Call: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

LOS GATOS, Calif. (AP) -- With its video subscription service quickly gaining fans in Canada, Netflix Inc. plans to expand into its next market outside of the United States during the second half of this year. Although the company didn't identify the next ... Source: Yahoo Finance

Southeast PDX News: The dreaded OMSI lip and movie filmings at Reed College

For more local news from this part of town, be sure to check out the Oregonian's Southeast Portland website . As I begin my coverage of local and community news in Southeast Portland, I've begun to notice how good some of the established news sources ... Source: Oregonian