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rescuers down under 4
The Rescuers
Resuers frame 2
the rescuers would like to give him a chance
NZ324 - Deer Park Heights - Prison from The Rescuers Movie
The Rescuers
The Rescuers Down Under
The Rescuers
rescuers down under 10
Rescuers Downunder
rescuers downunder
the rescuers II
Our rescuers
rescuers down under 2
The Rescuers
ow 03
the rescuers
Bernard and Bianca
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Forsyth County rescuers trying to save man trapped by trench cave-in

Forsyth County fire and rescue workers are trying Tuesday afternoon to free a 20-year-old man who was buried for a while after a trench caved  in Tuesday afternoon. Capt. Jason Shivers said at one time the man, whose name was not provided, was completely ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Third Chamber: Why AIG's CEO and Jamie Dimon Don't Give a Damn What You Think

The CEO of AIG, a company I know from the inside, just insulted millions of his company's owners, rescuers, and customers . Every day brings more evidence of the Third Chamber's growing power. These CEOs and others like them will continue to be protected ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Referee Who Suffered Heart Attack On Court Thanks Rescuers

EXETER, N.H. -- Two weeks after suffering a heart attack on a basketball court, a local high school referee is thanking those who saved his life. "Well, first, I was a very lucky man to have those volunteers to come out of the stands who were trained ... Source: WMUR.com

Media Advisory: Governor General to Present 13 Decorations for Bravery at the Citadelle of Quebec

When alerted that the victim had stopped breathing, Mr. Paquette jumped in and managed to revive him. The two rescuers stayed in the polluted, frigid water for nearly 20 minutes until emergency crews pulled them to safety.   MEDAL OF BRAVERY Constable ... Source: Yahoo Finance

On The Waterfront: Boaters urged to use radios, beacons

They were unhurt, though admitted to rescuers they hadn't brought a radio along for the expedition, sending family members into a panic when the two failed to show up Sunday afternoon as scheduled. "They did the right thing by leaving family members with a ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Heed the call for new smoke detectors: Sun Press editorial

Or how about the situation where had rescuers arrived 30 seconds later to a house fire, the elderly man on the second floor would have been trapped by the flames and would have perished? We are always looking for devices and programs that can notify us ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Beware the wind chill: Tips to keep warm and safe

Tie a brightly colored cloth to the car to signal rescuers, wrap your body in extra clothing and blankets, and stay awake until help arrives. Take precautions around lakes and ponds. "The key is to remember ice on frozen ponds is always unsafe. Although ... Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

What is the Difference Between a Blizzard and a Snow Storm?

Place a bright colored scarf, flag or shirt on the antenna of the car to help rescuers spot the car Frostbite is a very dangerous situation. If frostbit has occurred immediate medical attention is needed. Snow storms cause snow but the wind is not as high ... Source: Associated Content

State of the Union: The crafting of a speech

It began to sink. Seventy-eight people would die, but some passengers made it into the frigid water. Rescuers threw ropes, but one woman lost her grip. Suddenly, a young government worker dived in to help. By that time the rescue was on TV. Watching it in ... Source: YAHOO!

In the Eye of Cairo's Stormy Violence

When we were safely in the clear, one of our rescuers told us, in English, "Please don't go back there again." We're both back at the hotel and fine. Source: CBS News