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Kidnap Sandy Claus
North Pole Bank - (Original Song)
The Santa Clause (1994) pt.8/11
Bruce Springsteen Santa Clause is Coming Town
Kalėdinis sveikinimas - Labas, Leon Somov ir Jazzu sveikina su Kalėda
Santa Claus Singing Jingle Bells, His Favorite Christmas Song
Drunk Santa Claus
Azerothian Super Villains - Kael'thas and the Santa Claus
La Casa de Mickey Mouse-MICKEY SALVA A SANTA CLAUS 1/3
Santa Claus Makeup Tutorial
Santa Clause 3 Part 8
Our Christmas Wishlist
The Santa Clause (1994) pt.6/11
Martin I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus Part 3
La Familia Peluche - Ludovico es Santa Clause - Parte 1
Mysterious Claus
Summoning Santa : Foamy The Squirrel
MST3K - 521 - Santa Claus (5/10)
Silly Songs with Larry - Oh Santa!
Santa Clause the Movie (1985) Part 1
Santa Cluase 3 Part 9
Santa Clause Part 3
The Santa Clause (1994) pt.4/11
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Santa Clause
Santa Clause
santa clause
Me and Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Santa Clause Indiana
Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Santa Clause
santa clause 2
santa clause
Santa Clause
santa clause
santa clause
little santa clause
SaNtA cLaUsE
Santa Clause
Santa Clause
santa clause
sebas and santa clause
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Maryland Football Recruiting 2011: Why the Terrapins Are In for a Monster Season

He gives presents every year, but the present he gives this year might trump them all. No, he’s not Santa Clause, he’s Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen. The present? Star freshman QB Danny O’Brien. O’Brien has become the face of the Terrapins ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

15 of the Most Famous People from Colorado

His films include The Santa Clause (1994) and the voice of Buzz Light-year in Toy Story. Carole "Kelly" Bishop (1944 - ) Carole Bishop was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Is an American actress, who may be best known for her role as matriarch Emily ... Source: Associated Content

Around the NFC West: McDaniels' hiring

Lowell Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat outlines complaints from Raiders ... hiding in the room and Cable flagrantly breaking the Raiders’ co-habitation clause. I also was into scandal. I mean, sportswriting never gets any better than this. Source: ESPN.com

Backward, Christian Soldiers | The Nation

The free-exercise clause does not trump the establishment clause,” Weinstein ... someone to champion his fight on the Hill,” said Wilson from his office in Santa Fe. “But the Christian right is very powerful, and no one wants to wage that war.” Source: Nation

"believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Clause & …

"The unemployment rate in Egypt is less than ten per cent and “only” about twenty per cent of the populace lives below the poverty line." I understand the figure is closer to 40%,twice that quoted.The World Bank sets this level at less then $2 per day ... Source: Front Page

Stanford ponders the return of ROTC after nearly four decades

As dawn awakened a drowsy Stanford campus, eight sweaty students were cooling down from a rigorous Wednesday workout, savoring the camaraderie before disbanding for distant commutes -- to Santa Clara ... s nondiscrimination clause," said Alok Vaid-Menon ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Creation vs. Evolution – The New Shape of the Debate

In some sense, this has been true ever since Darwin. When Charles Darwin developed and published his theory of natural selection, the most obvious question to appear to informed minds was this: Can the theory of evolution be reconciled with the Christian ... Source: Christian Post

Obama’s State of the Union wish list

Were there a Santa Clause,  the 67-minute, 30-secpnd wish list for America from President Obama would have come in handy. Meanwhile, as grownups, even though anointed with American Exceptionalism, we fall very short of affording the president’s wish ... Source: Alex Jones' Prison Planet.com

The Vent: Feb. 2

As for the Mexican sympathizers wanting to get Sen. Pearce out of office, they have a better chance of getting Santa Clause out of Christmas.” “The guy on the front page of the Friday Tribune edition has to be the biggest idiot in history. In my ... Source: East Valley Tribune

Local businesses come together to raise funds for The Clinic

The Colonial that night was a full house - selling 450 tickets. Pekala also had her two dogs dressed up as an angel and Santa Clause outside the theatre the night of the show as people entered for the movie. Continued... Photo by Barry Taglieber Rosemarie ... Source: Phoenixville News