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Vedic Math Digit Sums & Casting Out the Nines
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - Ocean Ruin - Sonic - EPIC ALL-STAR MOVE SHORTCUT!!! (2:33:538 3-Lap)
Dying Before Your Dead
Black Race and Hitler's PROPAGANDA #4 Shortcut.wmv
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Photoshop Clear Glass Sphere
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Taking a shortcut
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Jets can finish navigating the most difficult road in Super Bowl history with win over Steelers

PITTSBURGH - It's a tale of two trophies for the Jets. The Lamar Hunt Trophy Sunday night. The Vince Lombardi Trophy in two weeks. If they do, they will have taken the most difficult and treacherous road of any team in the 45-year history of the Super ... Source: New York Daily News

The taxing season has arrived

WASHINGTON — This year's tax season will look a lot like last year's, with a few sweeteners added. Most of the tax changes that were put in place in 2009 to spur the economy remained in effect in 2010, even though the recession was officially declared ... Source: Austin American-Statesman

'Jet Fuel' energizing Jets fans before Gang Green's big game against the Steelers

Every up-and-coming dynasty needs an alcoholic beverage named in its honor - and now the New York Jets have one. "Jet Fuel" is the brainchild of die-hard Jets fan Darryn Weinstein , 45. And even bartenders in Pittsburgh are serving up the special swill ... Source: New York Daily News

Chasing the China Bandwagon

CHINESE tanks and missiles rolled past the reviewing stand in Tiananmen Square, where I sat as a member of the foreign press corps in early October 1984. It was the annual National Day parade, and a phalanx of soldiers marched smartly by. So far, nothing ... Source: New York Times

Five Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, like all Adobe products, is full of awesome little keyboard shortcuts. The trouble is, you need to learn them if you want to be at all efficient at what you're doing. You can get by just clicking around the screen to do ... Source: Associated Content

The raw truth is that safe cheese is a matter of training

Between back-to-back cheese recalls and whispers of a Food and Drug Administration crackdown on raw milk cheeses, what's a cheese lover to do? We asked Oregon State food science professor Lisbeth Goddik -- who spent 2006 in France learning about safely ... Source: Oregonian

Going to the mall? Beware of those pesky fountains

So we've all gotten wrapped up in something, be it gathering coupons, window shopping or gabbing with a friend while walking through a store or mall. However, for this Pennsylvanian woman, texting was her distraction of choice and she met an unfortunate ... Source: NJ.com

Striking at the Root: Debt Ceiling Hypocrisy, Hysteria & Our Financial Mess

The debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion will only last another two to three months at the current rate of government spending. It has been raised seven times in the past half-decade. The newly elected Republican House has some worried that Congress will fail to ... Source: Gather.com

LSU brings Steve Kragthorpe aboard to coach up the quarterbacks

I felt he could shortcut some of the elaborate thought process that was going on, make our guys quicker decision-makers. Being a quick decision-maker means the ball comes out of your hand in a timely fashion, which limits your sacks and gives you the best ... Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune

Looking Beyond The BP Commission's Report

The BP disaster thrust itself on the nation's collective consciousness once more last week with the report of the commission appointed by a president who had previously pledged that "the days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over." It ... Source: Forbes