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Dubner Embraces ClimateGate: 'Everybody's Scared To Be A Skeptic'
Is the US a Christian Nation? (2 of 2) - DEBATE
I Gave My Vote Away in the 2008 Election
Skeptic Bible Study: The Flip-Flopping Jesus
The Great Debate: Dinesh D'Souza v. Michael Shermer P10
P90X-Skeptical No More
Off That (Rationalist Anthem) - Baba Brinkman
TMoHS 03. Aliens and Time Travelers and Espers, Oh My! (1/3)
Scientology's War Against Psychiatry [1/5]
How to be skeptic tips
The Great Debate: Dinesh D'Souza v. Michael Shermer P9
The Great Debate: Dinesh D'Souza v. Michael Shermer P3
Skeptics' Guide: Misconceptions About Evolution -Part 1 of 2
Magician James Randi shows us a trick
Magnet Therapy - Critical Eye
Psychedelic Relic by Roy Zimmerman
Jesse Ventura: Catholic Church should be prosecuted using RICO laws
Skeptic Bible Study: Theology
Does The Trinity Make Sense? (2of2) Rabbi Tovia Singer vs William Lane Craig Debate
The Great Debate: Dinesh D'Souza v. Michael Shermer P13
Naked Bible study sketch - A Bit of Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie - BBC comedy
SGU - Ghost Photo Mystery
Magic or Medicine - Homeopathy and the NHS (Part 1 of 2)
Skeptic Bible Study: Creation Account (Literal)
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Bharat Mr Six and rather skeptic Porter
Patient Skeptic among other names
Sprrow the skeptic
the necro skeptic show
Skeptic Beaux Animaux at Egan's - Flier: Barron
Link Skeptic
Skeptic Flip The Switch at Rooster's - Flier: Jiggly
Skeptic at Workplay Battle Of The Bands - Ad: Barron
Skeptic Revolution Mother Demur at Cave 9 - Flier: Barron
Me and The Skeptic boys well most of them
The Queers Model Citizen Skeptic at Zydeco - Flier: Barron
The Skeptic
Bharat Mr Six and slightly less skeptic Porter
Patient Skeptic
Acts Of Sedition Sadville Skeptic UTM Armed With A Brick Ex-Members Of The Holy Trinity at Cave 9 - Flier: Wess
Eric the skeptic :-P
skeptic baby
Late Night Skeptic
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California pastor inspiration behind ‘The Rite’

Prayers are read repeatedly and symbols of Christ are laid upon the possessed to expel the demon. "The exorcist is the ultimate skeptic," Thomas said. "The last thing an exorcist does is perform an exorcism if all else fails." Some are even more skeptical. Source: YAHOO!

Winter storm on the way: Timeline, snow accumulation map, impacts, & FAQs

A winter storm likely produces a period of significant snow across the region late Wednesday afternoon and evening. Prior to that, light mixed precipitation falls in the morning with probably only light accumulations in the north and west suburbs. Although ... Source: Washington Post

Browner heads for the exit - Kerry predicts 'major' climate initiatives in SOTU - Joe Barton weighs Senate bid ...

Less than a month into life in the minority, the California Democrat prodded Republicans yesterday to investigate how much money a prominent global warming skeptic receives from Big Oil. Waxman urged Fred Upton to press climate skeptic Pat Michaels for ... Source: Politico.com

19 year old young earth creationist science loving big bang skeptic creation scientist writer says WHAT?

wow... i have quite a long road ahead of me trying to live as a science writer and a creation scientist in a world that hates this much! although love will be right around the corner, so will hate! just like twins on a date (ew)! but i know if i try hard ... Source: Gather.com

Local Paranormal Researchers Hunt for the Supernatural

When we go to a place that is supposedly haunted, we try to keep an open mind,” Stevens said. “I'm always a constant skeptic.” On January 16, the group performed a 6-hour investigation at Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky near Cincinnati. Source: WSAZ

The Jets Put on a Great Show

Magic Khakis got his comeuppance, and the grave dancing has begun. Famed Jets skeptic Mike Francesa closed his WNBC Sunday night TV show with a Schadenfreude video medley of Jets AFC Championship Game losses. It's easy to treat a football season as a pass/fail. Source: Wall Street Journal

'The Rite' is Riveting! It Opens a Window to a Seldom Seen World

A troubled skeptic concerning all things regarding the faith, Kovak challenges his instructors on the reality of personal evil. When Kovak is assigned to an experienced exorcist, Father Lucas Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), the world of the demonic is opened ... Source: Catholic Online

Will Apple Put the iPhone on Other Carriers?

Among the several impressive numbers that Apple shared in its latest quarterly earnings report on Tuesday was the sale of more than 16 million iPhones over the quarter. Next month sales will surely continue to rise as Apple starts selling the iPhone on the ... Source: New York Times Blogs

The Incredible Hulk Returns, And He’s Brought Thor and Stan Lee With Him

The photo was taken in Los Angeles to promote The Incredible Hulk Returns , a TV movie originally broadcast on May 9, 1988 on NBC. It starred (and the photo pictures, obviously) Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk and Eric Kramer as Thor. IMDB’s summary of the ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Five Reasons the Planet May Not Be Its Hottest Ever

In fact, the overall sea-ice record shows virtually no change throughout the past 30 years, argued Lord Monckton, a British politician, journalist, and noted skeptic of global warming. He points out that "the quite rapid loss of Arctic sea ice since the ... Source: FOX News