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Melina Merkouri - Mikis Theodorakis - Faidra - Love theme
Star Trek Captain Picard on Torture
Alleged police murder behind Egypt protests
Anime Abuse/Suicide/Torture/Death (Evanescence - Hello)
I Tortured Souls... and I liked it A Supernatural Parody
Bad Religion - Sinister Rouge [karaoke]
The Myth of The Holy Sword - Rhapsody (of Fire)
Holiday Snap Torture! -Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie - BBC comedy
The Gathering - Marooned
Lattie Mcgee and Cornelius Abraham ~Strength from Pain~
3rd RFTS S06 E16- Dick Soup for the Soul (1/3)
Michael Madsen Tour of Duty Sleeping Dogs Clip 1989
Tortured Soul - Enjoy It Now (123 Ext Voc Mix- Dims Re-edit)
Russian criminals and their tattoos 3/8
05. Cry Of The Afflicted - A Scar Filled Sky.avi
Interview with Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum-1 of 8
Cromok : Memories (HQ Audio)
Kevin Barry
The God of the Bible
Bush Detainee Bill Hides Immunity for Too Many Crimes!
Joe Satriani - Tortured Emotionally On Stage (9 of 11)
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tortured soul
Tortured Soul
Tortured WIP
tortured cactus
Tortured Soul 2
Tortured Dreams
girl tortured
tortured animalsss
Tortured Souls - Maggie
Tortured Reinholdt
tortured soul
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Man tortured into confession says at ex-Chicago cop's sentencing that abuse still haunts him

CHICAGO - A man imprisoned for decades after being tortured into giving a false confession told a judge on Thursday he still has nightmares about the abuse he suffered at the hands of a former Chicago police officer who has been convicted of lying about ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Ex-Chicago cop apologies in police torture case

A former Chicago police officer convicted of lying about the torture and abuse of suspects has apologized for harming the police department's reputation. Former police commander Jon Burge says he knows he "has brought the department into disrepute" and he ... Source: AP - msnbc.com

Indonesia leader plays down torture of Papuans

JAKARTA (AFP) – Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Friday played down the brutal torture of two Papuan men as a "small" incident that should not detract from the military's reform efforts. In a speech to the country's top military and ... Source: YAHOO!

Just as things were looking up, Obama's annual job approval average puts him near the postwar bottom

As if the poll showing improved approval of Congress under partial Republican leadership wasn't discouraging enough, now comes a new survey showing President Obama' s second-year job approval near the bottom of presidents elected in the last six decades or ... Source: Los Angeles Times

'The Way Back' escapes Siberia

Our surrogate is Janusz (Jim Sturgess), sentenced to the freezing gulag after his wife, coerced by torture, denounces him as a foreign agent. His fellow inmates are slave laborers, felling trees and smashing rocks in the mines; few expect to survive until ... Source: CharlotteObserver.com

A panel filled with friends are the worst enemies

Why does the United Nations' Human Rights Council turn a blind eye to systematic repression in countries such as Cuba , Iran and Zimbabwe ? Here's one reason: Its Advisory Committee, meeting this week in Geneva , is dominated by apologists for the world's ... Source: New York Daily News

Va. teen who says he was beaten and tortured while detained in Kuwait reunited with family

CHANTILLY, Va. - A Virginia teenager stuck in Kuwait for a month after he was apparently placed on the U.S. government's no-fly list was reunited with his family at a Washington-area airport early Friday morning. Nineteen-year-old Gulet Mohamed of ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

NASA's Hansen: Dictatorship can save the Earth

As the tortured science which is invoked to support the theory of anthropogenic climate change continues to lose its credibility in the eyes of the American public , it appears that some of the theory’s advocates are weighing the virtues of using blunt ... Source: New American

The conversation: Why Joe Lieberman's retirement has sparked debate

Things are looking up for liberals. Sure, the House GOP passed a resolution to repeal the healthcare law , but that was just a big ol' political show that now gives Dems another chance to sell the law . Otherwise, President Obama's approval ratings are on ... Source: Los Angeles Times

The Hospital from Hell

After suffering for weeks with an undiagnosed ailment (which turned out to be two separate conditions that combined for a diabolical dual wallop) it became necessary, back in 2004, to enter a Los Angeles area hospital It was no surprise when I was left ... Source: Associated Content