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Abadox On A PAL NES
Irina (aka ira90000) Is Friends With Nazis! An ElementAntares & Excelsior77 Co-Production
Dorothy Parker One Perfect Rose Poem animation
The Bitter Woman in the Life Alert Ad better quality
Hispanic Riot - Wait - I thought Democrats say Tea Parties do this?
Dink, the Little Dinosaur Episode 37: Overrun
Fox - Tanner [Original Song]
Mercedes SL65 Black @ 2008 LAAS
Dolores Umbridge - Cruella De Vil
The Vicious Kind
Brittany Snow - 'GDLA' Interview
Six Gun Jury - Warm Eyes
UFC Undisputed 2009 Gameplay - Chuck Liddell vs Shogun Rua Second Round KO on Expert
American Thrift and Consumerism (2/2): Chevrolet's Tribute to the Woman American (1962)
Vicious cat attacks pit bull
Depths of Despair: The Callous Crime of Shark Finning-2
WEEKLY6TEENS #2 209 state of mind
Dj Drama & Cam'Ron - Get It
Tim Harms Testimonial
Daegon - In Your Eyes (Tiari Remix)
Jim Cramer: the way the market really works
The Last Remnant - Boss 04 Vicious Plant
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The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
FYC Adam Scott
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
The Vicious Kind
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Right out of The Closet

Harper & Midwest Kind/Steve Arvey Band (9 p.m., Ace's ... Sarasota) For the past year, local clothing maker Ree Vicious and DJ Shock to the System have presented their Death to the Dancefloor parties regularly at Pastimes. But this Valentine's Day will ... Source: Herald Tribune

Letter to the editor

I am certainly no fan of Sarah Palin but I find the attacks on her and other conservatives as responsible for violence of any kind to be partisan absurdity. And I see nothing wrong with her use of the term blood libel to describe the vicious attacks against her. Source: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

'Spider-Man,' The Spectacle: Can We Move Beyond Rubbernecking At A Calamity?

Of course the media and the public are fascinated; this kind of spectacle is theatrical on its own ... is turning the discussion into a shrill and vicious harangue. There are issues to discuss and grievances to air and deeper problems to consider. Source: NPR News

Inspired Nation: The Kind Campaign Stopping Hate in Schools Across the Country

The intent of Kind Campaign is not to point fingers, because that too contributes to the vicious cycle. But rather, to suggest putting ourselves in each other's shoes, and to make a change by spreading kindness, compassion, and understanding through our ... Source: CBS News

Harrison remains the NFL’s angriest man

From himself. It sounds strange to say that about one of the most feared, and by far the most-fined player in the NFL this season, someone who calls himself the "poster guy" for the league's campaign to stop the kind of vicious hits that harm others. Source: YAHOO!

Most likely to torment? The almost-popular kids

Plain old coffee and aspirin Comfort food sparks vicious cycle, study suggests Getting tonsils removed ... but we think they simply don’t have a need for it,” Fairs says. “Being kind probably cements their position.” The study analyzed data from ... Source: msnbc.com

Oakland Effect: The underbellies of violence thrive in the city

The East Bay is a highly diverse community, rich with the flow of people from all around the world; that kind of flow inevitably brings with ... Joe says the younger pimps are more vicious. When the girls are first taken, pimps often "break them in. Source: San Jose Mercury News

DVD of the week: 'Long Good Friday' with Mirren, Hoskins

The felt life Hoskins packs into Shand’s bowling-pin body and pinsetter’s voice enables director John Mackenzie to put a vicious spin on the "Little Caesar" kind of gangster film -- with British accents, and on an epic scale. Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com

Torn From The Front Page: Schools should clearly define the bullying they are trying to stop

That kind of detail, and the detail that Handy Middle School offered ... What in days gone by might have been a vicious and untrue rumor by a bully, limited by word of mouth, now can be an overnight, emotional carpet-bombing of a bullied student through ... Source: MLive.com

The situation on the ground

Egypt has been effectively governed by military emergency law since 1952, with Islamic militants waiting in the wings for any kind of opportunity ... Then there is Lebanon, with its vicious communalisms, and Syria, which has the potential to break up the ... Source: St. Petersburg Times