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Close-up Whale Watching- Icy Strait Point, Alaska
Bad Religion-I want to conquer the world
Ocean Adventure Blue Whales 8 13 09
Whale Shark - Sail Rock, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Dance of the Humpback Whales
Hervey Bay Fraser Island Whale Watching Queensland Australia
Lethal Sounds: Deadly Sonar Harms Whales
call of the whales
Whale Watching in Wine Country???
The Best Of Bette Davis
The Bounty Hunter
BBC: Team Killer Whale Goes Fishing!
Hervey Bay Holiday Aug 08 - part 1
Unbelievable Whale tail flapping (lobtailing) extravaganza
Whale Wars- Pete Confronts the Captain
Jamie's Whale Watching Tofino BC, Canada
Bowhead Whale - Students on Ice Arctic Expedition 2009
Punta Arenas Airport and Flying Whales
kayaking with Killer Whales
Guitavio - Save the Whales
Cpt. Paul Watson On Obama, Whales, and BP Oil Spill
Rare 70s Greenpeace Documentary (Part 1/6)
Whale breach
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Beluga whales
Watching for more whales August 2004
Orka whales
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The Minimum Wage: Putting the First Rung on the Ladder of Success Out of Reach

I don’t think there is any more fundamental program in the left / progressive agenda aimed at helping the poor than the minimum wage.  The defense of the minimum wage can, on its face, appear compelling, even emotionally urgent:  Everyone deserves a ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Tracking the whales – one by satellite, one by blog

As an update to my prior blog post about the whale which had been sedated and successfully untangled (with another rescue attempt last year off Daytona ) — you can continue to track the whale online. The whale still has a satellite tag on and you can ... Source: Orlando Sentinel (blog)

Tough Climate Math in the Face of CO2 and Energy Forecasts

It’s hard to find projections for both global energy demand and emissions of carbon dioxide from fuel burning that don’t have a sustained upward trajectory for decades to come. The latest such forecasts were issued on Wednesday by Exxon Mobil , at the ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Fish and Game Q&A: Is it legal to cherry pick the best crabs?

In support of the California Department of Fish and Game and its effort to keep hunters and anglers informed, Outposts, on Thursday or Friday, posts marine biologist Carrie Wilson's weekly Q&A column: Question: Recreational Dungeness crab fishermen often ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Update: Coachella 2011 line-up unveiled — Kanye, KoL, Duran Duran… and the Strokes

UPDATE: They just added the Strokes, Black Keys and a few more. Certainly the Stokes are going to bump the whole event up as our nostalgia for the early aughts hits a fever pitch later this year.  Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Duran Duran, Ms. Lauryn Hill and ... Source: Boston Herald

When The Runway Meets The Concert Hall

Everyone's trying to save this art form like it's the whales or hungry children," says Vendil. She thinks classical music culture needs to open itself up to the rest of the world, not the other way around. "Classical musicians hide behind the screen of ... Source: NPR News

The Search for BP's Oil

In August, amid the claims that the oil had magically disappeared ... Most of the larger animals—adult fish, dolphins, whales—appear to have survived the encounter relatively unharmed. But there is mounting evidence that many smaller creatures ... Source: YAHOO!

Human Parasites, From the Ones in Your Bed to the Ones You Get by Prescription

10,773 Number of protein-coding genes possessed by Pediculus humanus humanus (L.), the human body louse, according to a new study . Ten of those genes code for odor receptors, which researchers anticipate could become targets for future louse repellents ... Source: DISCOVER

Eye the Coachella 2011 Roster

"Indio in April" sounds like a ballad that could have been recorded by some poolside-living Rat Packer back in the midcentury years. And it is a song, in a way, but one made by dozens of acts and major artists with about as much variation as the word ... Source: NBC Bay Area

Hewlett-Packard replaces a third of its board

Hurd's forced exit in August angered many shareholders, who saw billions of their dollars evaporate on the stock market. Hurd was despised by many HP employees for his extensive job and cost cuts, but was loved on Wall Street because in five years he ... Source: Salon