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Spinal Tap At Freddy Mercury Concert
Judith Owen and Harry Shearer in The Bob Rivers Show, Part 2
Stonehenge Theories with Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap - Part 2
Rock Band 2 - Cups and Cakes - Expert Drums - 100% GS PiP Sightread
Spinal Tap on Letterman
Rock On/Dan Kennedy
Spinal Tap Stonehenge video contest entry
Spinal Tap moment by ZO2: Hello Buffalo!
Putting Hunter to sleep - Bone Marrow Biopsy, Aspirate & Spinal Tap (AML Leukemia) HealingHunter.com
Spinal Tap pt1
This is Spinal Tap (Amerik. Trailer)
Spinal Tap - Stonehenge, Tis A Magic Place
Spinal Tap - Roma 79
Spinal Tap and Guests LIVE EARTH 07
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap - TV Interview
Spinal Tap Reunion, 1992, Part 4 of 9
Big Bottom - Spinal Tap - Wembley Arena - 30th June 2009
T4: Behind the scenes with the T4 ROCKSTARS
Spinal Tap Guitar Lesson Give Me some Money
BCTV - Spinal Tap Meets Mayberry
Rock Band DLC:Spinal Tap Stonehedge 132K GS Expert Guitar
spinal tap tonight i'm gonna rock you - wembley arena 30th June 2009
Testament's Spinal Tap Moment + Perfomance of Into the Pit on SIRIUS XM's Artist Confidential
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spinal tap
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap 2010
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap - Can you tell what it is yet
Watching Spinal Tap
spinal tap
Spinal Tap
This is Spinal Tap
Spinal tap
spinal tap
spinal tap
spinal tap
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap Meet NBC Censor
spinal tap
Spinal Tap
spinal tap
spinal tap
spinal tap
this is spinal tap
spinal tap
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Classic coming-of-age dramedy STAND BY ME is coming to Blu-ray!

(January 17, 2011) -- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the defining coming-of-age story "Stand By Me," based on the Stephen King novella and directed by Rob Reiner ("This is Spinal Tap," "When Harry Met Sally"), with the ... Source: DVDTOWN.com

Tango Mandarins To Appear This Month In Produce Aisles

The first commercial crop of a new mandarin variety created by scientists at the University of California, Riverside will be harvested beginning later this month. The fruit, called Tango, is the result of an induced mutation of W. Murcott mandarin ... Source: Medical News Today

Variety is the spice of new season

Formidable flamenco-jazz guitar virtuoso Eduardo Niebla, a world-renowned swing band, a spoof world-music act and a dark new production set in Victorian Yorkshire are all part of the new season at Otley Courthouse. Eduardo kicks off his tour showcasing new ... Source: Bradford Telegraph Argus

Certified Copy’ is faking it

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever,” says a character in the mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap . Sadly, Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy spends most of its running time on the wrong side of that line. It’s a talky, pretentious movie ... Source: Jerusalem Post

The Decemberists: The King Is Dead

The result was The Hazards of Love , a concept album replete with the sort of swords-and-sorcery imagery that Spinal Tap laughed out of existence. It might have been preposterous; instead, in the hands of this literate, ambitious Oregon band, it was superb. Source: Financial Times

Sports Legend Revealed: Does the course at Ko'olau Golf Club exceed the maximum slope rating?

STATUS : False, but Once Basically True. In what is likely the most famous scene in the classic 1984 comedy, This is Spinal Tap , the director of the "mockumentary" about a fictional rock band, Marty DiBergi (played by Rob Reiner, who did, indeed, direct ... Source: Los Angeles Times

ER Doctor's Hunch Saves Miracle Kid from Meningitis

On a hunch the Doc asked to perform a spinal tap to check for meningitis. The test came back negative, but the Doctor noted to us that there are some rare forms of bacterial meningitis that cannot be detected during the initial test but require 24 hours of testing. Source: Associated Content

Cutler doesn’t dodge criticism after bad outing

It was so brutal, it was almost funny. “It was a tough game,” Cutler had said while standing by his locker in the cleaned-out visitors’ locker room at Candlestick Park. “Obviously, I didn’t play as well as I would like. I threw five interceptions ... Source: YAHOO!

Mobile City Council approves $30 million for maritime museum

MOBILE, Alabama -- The Mobile City Council on Tuesday awarded $30 million to six contractors set to do work on the GulfQuest maritime museum and ferry landing. Councilman John Williams called the museum "one of the biggest investments in our city in a long ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

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