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Timecrimes Timeline Part 2
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Timecrimes haircut
girl haircut
Timecrimes (2007) Part 1 of 15
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Timecrimes (2007)Part 1 of 15
Εγκλήματα Στο Χρόνο - Timecrimes (GR subs)
Charla sobre el Cronojuego, Madrid, 20/05/2008. 4 de 4
Nacho Vigalondo. WIDESCREEN. Entrevista MÓRBIDO 2010
Timecrimes (2007) part 1 of 12
Timecrimes (2007) part 1 of 11
Charla sobre el Cronojuego, Madrid, 20/05/2008. 3 de 4
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Steve Zaillian signs to write 'Timecrimes' remake for Dreamworks

When we were putting together our lists of the films we are most anticipating in 2011 here at HitFix, I didn't have to think twice about adding "Extraterrestre" on my personal list. That's the new film by Nacho Vigalondo, and that's all I need to know to ... Source: Ksee24.com

Timecrimes Remake Heading to DreamWorks with a Rewrite by Steve Zaillian

Remember Nacho Vigalondo’s mindbending time travel film Timecrimes from a few years ago? Well, it been in the remake mill for a while now, and today we got an update in the form of a studio move and some info on who will be polishing the script. Per ... Source: DREAD CENTRAL.COM

Under the Radar: 'Timecrimes'

A piece of news has been dropped into the movie blogosphere of late regarding Dreamworks and the remake of a film of which you’ve probably never heard. Though, to be fair, it is rare that any foreign film would find a wide audience in the states prior to ... Source: Hollywood.com

Oscar winner Steve Zaillian tackles time-jumping bandage-man for Dreamworks' remake of Timecrimes

Nacho Vigalondo's Spanish-language thriller TIMECRIMES is a fascinating little time-twister about an average guy trying to unravel a mystery involving a beautiful naked woman and a pink-bandaged stranger. It's a reasonably small-scale sci-fi film, but the ... Source: JoBlo.com

DreamWorks Now Committing Timecrimes

Given the impact that Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes had both here and the US, where it toured festivals before finally landing in cinemas in 2008 across the pond and 2009 in the UK, it was surely only a matter of time (pun intended) before Hollywood ... Source: Empire

Across the Universe: 'Dance of Death

A preview of the Sundance Film Festival's creepier offerings The 2011 Sundance Film Festival kicks off in Park City, Utah, this week (it runs Jan. 20-30) and offers film critics and journalists the chance to see the (hopefully) best new independent ... Source: MSN Entertainment

CAT O’NINE TAILS” Blu-ray details, new “DEEP RED” art

Blue Underground keeps on rolling out the announcements on its updated Dario Argento discs; today the company revealed the specs and cover art for the Blu-ray of CAT O’NINE TAILS (pictured), and also new art for the previously announced DEEP RED. CAT O ... Source: FANGORIA

January Jones talks X-Men: First Class, plus an awesome new Green Lantern photo!

Mad Men 's January Jones talks about the plot, characters, costumes, and possible sequels for the X-Men prequel. A new Green Lantern photo unites hero and villain. We'll know the star of The Dark Tower very soon. Wake up to spoilers! Emma Frost actress ... Source: io9.com

Writer Steven Zaillian Moving Forward With His Time Crimes Remake

I've already written once today , in passing, about one of the most inventive time travel films I've seen in recent years, Shane Carruth's Primer . And now, as it happens, it's time to write about the other one, Nacho Vigalondo's Spanish-language Time ... Source: Cinema Blend

Sundance 2011 Preview: What are we excited for?

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off this Thursday in Park City, Utah!  We here at ScreenCrave are sending a band of intrepid reporters and cinephiles to bring you the news, reviews, hype, and stories from the independent film world’s premier event ... Source: ScreenCrave.com