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Beethoven Cello Sonata 1 - Boyan Vodenicharov & Anatoli Krastev
Sonata Arctica - Men of the North in Japan - Part 1
Hamelin plays Scriabin - Piano Sonata No.5 [HIGH QUALITY]
Tokyo mew mew ~ Sonata Artica ~ Full moon
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
Janos Starker - Kodály Cello Solo Sonata II. Mvt
Helene GRIMAUD plays Beethoven piano sonata No.17 TEMPEST 3st mov
Sonata Arctica-The End of this Chapter (guitar cover)
Sonata Arctica - Mary Lou - Piano ( Acoustic )
Janos Starker - Kodály Cello Solo Sonata III. Mvt
Sonata Arctica - Last Drop Falls LYRICS
Sonosuke Takao plays Mozart-Piano Concerto No.19(1st mvt.)
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah ( solo )
Sonata Arctica - Acoustic live Tokyo'04 [higher quality] 2/2
Sonata Arctica - Land of the Free
Sonata Arctica - False News Travel Fast
Tokyo Sonata
ALEXEI SULTANOV Live in Tokyo 1999 Pt.3/5 Liszt Piano Sonata Pt.2/3
Sonata Arctica - Weballergy (Live)
foreign film review
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
Sonata by Hirao - 2nd movement
Beethoven Sonata No.25 Op.79 III.(Tommy Leo, 9 Yr)
Geza Hosszu Legocky & Martha Argerich (Schumann Sonata) P.2
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Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata 2008 - Kira
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata 2
Tokyo Sonata (2008)
Tokyo Sonata 2009
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata 1
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
Tokyo Sonata
tokyo sonata
Tokyo Sonata 3
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Hyundai readying plug-in hybrid Sonata?

What we want to know is: what's the chance of seeing a Sonata plug-in hybrid? According to Mike O'Brien, Hyundai's head of product planning, a plug-in Sonata is definitely doable and, in fact, is significantly easier to develop than one might think. Source: autoblog

Hyundai Sonata To Get Plug-In Version

A report from PlugInCars.com suggests that Hyundai ‘s  endless march towards global domination isn’t letting up, and the next phase of their product strategy involves both a Prius competitor and a plug-in variant of the Sonata Hybrid. According to Mik ... Source: AutoGuide.com

New Hyundai Sonata 2.0Turbo; Why would anyone want a V-6?

The SoCal weather is beautiful and I’m doing my navigational best to arrive at our destination as my buddy Jim puts his boot to every one of the 274 turbocharged horsepower available from Hyundai’s latest Sonata, the Sonata 2.0T. Behind us is the ultra ... Source: The Auto Chanel

Chrysler Delivers on Premium Promise

The release of the 2011 300 marks a new path for the Chrysler brand, one that is more stylish, more sophisticated, more elegant and more deserving of the label "premium." The 300 receives much of the same treatment as the 2011 Dodge Charger , with a new V6 ... Source: MSN Money

Best Movies of 2010 That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Notes: An HBO biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who “overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition to become an expert in the field of animal husbandry.” The movie is nominated for three Golden Globes, including Best Mini-Series or ... Source: Slashfilm.com

Toyota Tries To Get The Feeling Back

Toyota continues to charge a premium for quality that it has recently given consumers little reason to expect. The Hyundai Sonata starts at $19,195, according to Bloomberg News, compared with $19,720 for the similar Toyota Camry. Hyundai’s compact ... Source: The Business Insider

Toyota Hegemony Fades as ‘Big Damage’ Brings Sony-Style Decline

in Tokyo. “The key is whether Toyota can ride this wave ... South Korea’s largest automaker. Hyundai’s Sonata sedan was revamped last year to win sales from the Camry, and the Korean carmaker released a redesigned Elantra compact targeting the Corolla. T Source: BusinessWeek

The Quest... every NES game - #59 - Baseball

Vintage black NES covers are the best. When you get a home run, the crowd turns into little blinking Christmas lights. Ah, technology. I grew up playing Baseball . It's a simple, often boring game, but like any game one grows up with, nostalgic memories ... Source: 1UP.COM

Young guns: Teen up-and-comers play for symphony, chamber fest

His performance credits include the Tokyo Philharmonic. Goulding's whirlwind is about ... Violin Caprices for Solo Violin" and Matthew Allen performing Zoltán Kodálay's Sonata for Solo Cello. Free. Friday-Saturday: Goulding and Allen join conductor Sarah ... Source: El Paso Times

First Drive: 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

Sometimes, luxury isn't about having more – it's about having less, albeit artfully architected. Just ask BMW , which lops off a heaping helping of headroom and cargo space to turn its well-conceived X5 into the costlier, less utile X6 . Admittedly, the ... Source: Autoblog