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Late Show - Oh, Tootsie!
I miss you, Tootsie
ABRACADABRA - Pt 2 - The Job
Yoshi's Tootsie Pop Remake
Catit katten drinkfontein
Positive Pranking: The TP Edition
Tootsie - Ending
Crystal gives a Video Update from the Stage At Tootsie's
Ralph Ringstadt at the Loews Jersey Wonder Morton
Digital Photography - Photographing Outdoor Sports Part 4
I Got The Hook-up part 10
Accents and Disaster.
Pacific Mall MeetUp 16Way - Hosted by Illest Stepz
Breaking Benjamin - Human Piñata
Tootsie Intro HQ
it might be you. Stephen Bishop (acoustic guitar-instrumental)
Slappy Payne Show tunes-Tootsie Roll
tootsie roll
Which is Better? Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 (PS3)
How do Kentucky folk pronounce the most mispronounced words?
พรางชมพู กะเทยประจัญบาน( Saving Private Tootsie) 4
Movie mistakes: Tootsie (USA, 1982)
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Tootsie's Grandsire
Sweet Tootsie Toot
Tootsie userbar
Tootsie Roll
Myss Qui Tootsie Roll
Tootsie Lynn
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Two Guys Lose Weight: Trash-talking Tootsie Rolls

NOTE: This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period. They kicked off their weight-loss "strategies" on Jan 10. I love some of the comments we’ve received so far during the “Two Guys Lose Weight” program Tony and I are ... Source: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Seidl, Alice Mae (Tootsie)

Alice Mae (Tootsie) Seidl, 76, Marinette, passed away peacefully on Jan. 20, 2011. Tootsie was born on April 30, 1934. She married her high school sweetheart, Robert L. Seidl, formerly of Green Bay, who preceded her in death in March of 1975, when he lost ... Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette

Obama Considering Major Boost To Afghan Security Forces: Levin

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is currently considering a proposal to significantly increase Afghanistan's national security forces beyond their existing expansion targets, and three Democratic senators recently back from the region are urging him to ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Packed House Greets New Rick’s Cabaret near Dallas/Fort Worth Airport for Three-Day Preview Opening

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A preview opening of the newest Rick’s Cabaret just outside the busy Dallas/Fort Worth Airport over the weekend drew standing-room only crowds of party-goers and well-wishers. The club is located midway between Dallas ... Source: Yahoo Finance

How about them apples -- a long story about --

artichokes, berries, Peaches and cream -- along with your bathtub, the tires on your car, and the shirt on your back. How it came to pass that I hauled bell peppers to Detroit. And the events leading up to having a great time doing it. This is a sort of ... Source: Gather.com

The city's sweet side on display at the Hoboken Historical Museum

What do Tootsie Rolls and Twinkies have in common? Turns out, it's more than just high sugar content. Both confections were originally manufactured and shipped across the country and around the world from factories here in Hoboken in the early 1900s. Source: NJ.com

My Favorite Go-to 80's Movies

Here is a really partial list, in no particular order, of some of my 80's favorites. Tootsie. I even have this on DVD, but I will always stop and watch this film. Stellar cast and very quotable. " I don't have the right shoes for it, I don't like the way ... Source: Associated Content

Little Jimmy Dickens Celebrates His 90th Birthday in Downtown Nashville

"I'm sure everybody thinks I'm sitting down now," piped Little Jimmy Dickens , who gingerly made his way to the front of a crowded Rippy's Bar and Grill on Nashville's Lower Broadway on Wednesday evening (Jan 19). "But I'm standing up," he said, sending ... Source: CMT

These Cold Stocks Are Heating Up

When a stock's share price is lower than a North Dakota thermometer in February, investors tend to give it the cold shoulder. But as the market warms to a stock's prospects, its price can heat up in a hurry . Alas, you can rarely tell that a stock is ... Source: Motley Fool

Tamminen: What's in Your Electricity Shopping Cart?

The President has yet to reply, but perhaps he should suggest that these companies consider paying for the upgrades to the grid and energy meters themselves—knowing they will be handsomely repaid over time from the sale of products and services related ... Source: CNBC