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Corporate Power Over Our Govt. Must be Stopped!
Politically Incorrect, 9/11 and the American Traitor Part 1
Why Me vs. Anub'Arak - The Traitor King (10men)
Modern Warfare 2 The Traitor scene
Crisis Core: C10S05 Vistors of Gongaga [English Sub]
Hands of Death
Dick Cheney is a Traitor to the USA
YouTube Poop: Where's The Traitor
Hoshin Engi (Soul Hunter) 22 - Part1 (of 3)
Politically Incorrect, More on the American Traitor, Part 1
Frank Klepacki - Machines Collide
Biggest Intelligence Fail Ever? Spy traitor 'Wanted'
LOST - Desmond & Penny's Theme
(5/5) Timewatch Himmler, Hitler and the End of the Reich
The Eyes Of A Traitor - Breathless
Blake's 7, Ep. 4.3 Traitor, Part 4
New Rules: Treasonable Doubt
Galloway on Question Time 2006-06-08 1
Asterix & Obelix XXL2 Demo Intro- GETAFIX A TRAITOR!
SPOOKY DUDE by Chris Cassone - Video by Mr. Pinko iOwnTheWorld.com inspired by Glenn Beck
Alex Conducts a Masive Police State News Blitz and Takes Your Calls on The Alex Jones Show 3/3
The Amicable Traitor Part One /03 EKINENE KYAWANGA @ Afroberliner
The Sugarcubes - Traitor
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traitor guardsmen
Blood Of Our Enemies - Eyes Of A Dead Traitor
traitor demolisher 2
even a traitor may mend
Traitor Sergeant
The Traitor
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Supporters of alleged WikiLeaker Bradley Manning consider him a ‘patriot,’ not a traitor

While much of America views Bradley Manning, the private first class who has been accused of leaking secret documents to WikiLeaks, as a traitor, he does have some defenders who consider him nothing less than a patriot. “He was trying to help the country ... Source: YAHOO!

Calling Abbas a traitor, thousands of Palestinians march in Hamas-ruled Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Thousands of cheering Hamas supporters in Gaza on Wednesday burned effigies of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his senior aides in the rival Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, denouncing them as traitors. The ... Source: WHO-TV

Calling President Abbas a traitor, thousands of Palestinians march in Hamas-ruled Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Several thousand Palestinians in Hamas -ruled Gaza are marching against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas , calling him a traitor. The protests were sparked by reports by Al-Jazeera satellite TV about leaked documents from ... Source: WGNtv.com

LETTERS: Celebrating the birthday of a traitor

I would like to respond to the Jan. 10 letter “Remember Gen. Lee on his holiday.” Robert E. Lee was a traitor to his country. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Union soldiers who fought for the freedom of African-Americans. Even ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

AP Nation and World

Coombs responded that the forensic psychiatrist has consistently recommended - with the exception of one week in December - that there was "no medical reason" for Manning to be even on a prevention-of-injury watch, let alone a suicide watch. He said he ... Source: Charleston Daily Mail

Famed traitor still stirring controversy in Norwich

He is one of the most famous Revolutionary War figures, and also one of the most vilified. A bon vivant and egotist, he is considered one of the best military strategists in American history, and his name has entered the lexicon as a synonym for traitor ... Source: Norwich Bulletin

I feel like a traitor to paper, but I love my e-reader

I am undyingly faithful to my ratty, mildew-covered paperback novels. I have a deep affection for leather-bound, saddle-stitched hardcover books. And yet I find myself hopelessly in love with an e-reader. I actually feel guilty, as though my lust for this ... Source: Globe and Mail

Egyptian accused of spying for Israel goes on trial; his lawyer calls him traitor and quits

CAIRO - An Egyptian accused of spying for Israel has gone on trial at a security court, but the session had to be adjourned after his own lawyer accused him of being a traitor and quit. Tarek Hassan was arrested in August and charged with harming Egypt's ... Source: Macleans

Cowen: I am not an 'economic traitor'

The Taoiseach Brian Cowen has denied that he is an "economic traitor" in Opposition questioning in the Dáil. Mr Cowen has been responding to what he says is "the ongoing smear campaign" about him and Fianna Fáil bailing out developer and banker friends ... Source: Ireland On-Line

Ellsberg: "WikiLeaks' Manning is no traitor"

Bradley Manning, the alleged source of WikiLeaks' dossiers on Iraq and Afghanistan, is not a traitor - and big firms must take a stand to protect whistle-blowers from US government demands to spy on their data, according to Daniel Ellsberg, the former CIA ... Source: THINQ.co.uk