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TWilight refrAIN - Stage 6 (Part 2)
BN Sale!!! What did i Bought?.....
Ugetsu by SRC4
Yamamoto Cambio Forma-Asari Ugetsu HD
Ugetsu-Ending Scene
Vongola First Generation; Givro eterna amicizia
My Soul Calibur IV Character Creations - Jessica
JABBERLOOP - Behind The Wind from Revenge Of The Space Monster
Katekyo Hitman Reborn 180 Sub Español (3/3) HQ
Ugetsu is a funny little boy
Yamamoto vs Asari Ugetsu
TWilight refrAIN - Extra - SEQUEL (Part 2)
Trap Gunner Major Scenes Part 2/2 - Playstation
Soul Calibur IV - Princess Daisy
moa!special 「UGETSU」
Trap Gunner - Custom opening
Rushes of the Afternoon
In Walked Bud - Olivier Cantrelle Quartet
TWilight refrAIN - Special - Stage G2 (Part 2)
[MMD] smoooch [Vongola 1st Gen]
Japanese Film and Culture Review Part 2: The Traditional Japanese Arts
Ugetsu Monogatari1953
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Ugetsu Hakua
Asari Ugetsu
Ugetsu Hakua
Ugetsu Hakua
Ugetsu Hakua
Ugetsu monogatari
Alaude Knuckle G Giotto Ugetsu Asari Lampo and Daemon Spade
fighting dreamers pro
Ugetsu Monogatari (1953)
asari ugetsu reborn
G Giotto Knuckle Lampo Asari Ugetsu Daemon Spade Alaude vongola first generation
Ugetsu Monogatari Title
asari ugetsu reborn
Asari Ugetsu
Asari Ugetsu Giotto G Alaude
Girl Cyberpunk
Ugetsu Hakua Fanclub 02
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Music Review: Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - Ugetsu

The Concord Music Group has been releasing classic jazz albums via their Original Jazz Classics Remasters series. To celebrate the one year mark of the ongoing series, four more albums are now seeing the light of day. Albums by Thelonious Monk, Cal Tjader ... Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

Music Review: Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers Live At Birdland - Ugetsu

Birdland, NYC June 16, 1963. What a place to have been for 98 lucky souls. Yes, you read that right. The most famous jazz club in the world has a capacity of just 98. Those fortunate enough to have attended that night were treated to an incredible ... Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

Top secret leakage from my 2010 Muriels ballot!

Was it 1959? 1953? 1950? Hard to say... Alternate best films of the 1950s by the same directors in the same order (except for Laughton who never directed anything else): 1. "The Life of Oharu" (or "Ugetsu"), Kenji Mizoguchi Source: Chicago Sun-Times (blog)

A Short History Of Japan In Pictures

Heartbreakingly detailed by the classic film " Ugetsu " Finally, in the 1500s Japan utterly dissolved into complete chaos with no single ruler in charge. Imagine the United States with each state governor vying to become supreme overlord. This was the wild ... Source: Salon