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Bill Gets Fit 2009 02 13 running with Melinda
e tuscan sun - Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh!
Lilian's Showreel
EUROPINION—Favorite Holiday Destinations
Afrim on Steven & Chris - January 2010 - Part 1
Movie Review -- Meet Joe Black
EP. #100 Cortona, Italy - Day Trip [3/3]
2 plus 1 - A MY JAK DZIECI /piosenka z płyty Wyspa dzieci/
Under the Tuscan Sun 03
Under the Tuscan Sun 08
Ponte Vecchio - Florence, Tuscany, Italy
http://TheWineLadie.com The Windsor Arms Hotel ground zero for STAR Studded parties at TIFF
La Bottega dell'Oste
Malaysian Airlines 737-400 landing at Kuala Lumpur
Under the Tuscan Sun 04
¨ °oO(ÜNÐêr T|-|ê Tµ§¢âN $µN.VOS,ÞârT 11 Final)Oo°¨
Christophe Beck Bramasole
toscanasempre Edward and Bella
Under the Tuscan Sun. Part 1 of 15
Statue of David - Florence, Tuscany, Italy
♥ DIANE LANE, JOHN MALKOVICH .. Secretariat (2010) Trailer
Under a Tuscan Sun
Alli Gets A Tatt In Vegas
hire The Scottish piper in Italy - wedding in Cortona, Tuscany ( under the Tuscan sun )
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Under the Tuscan Sun
under the tuscan sun
Siena's Duomo
Under the Tuscan Sun filmed here
Ponte Vecchio
Under Tuscan Sun
San Gimignano
Trattoria La Grottaamazing
Under the Tuscan Sun small
under the tuscan sun
Under the Tuscan Sun
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My Week Under the Tuscan Sun

It seems a bit disingenuous to call my week in Italy over spring break one spent under the sun, when in reality it rained for most of the week. But rain or shine, my week in Italia went down as one of the best weeks of my life. I traveled to Italy with my ... Source: Quinnipiac Chronicle

Nothing new under the Tuscan sun

Clearing the Chianti off the checkered tablecloth to make room for a stinking corpse, Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami chooses an odd place to dissect romantic love. Most Tuscan sunsets are reserved for love-soaked picnics, not the slow, steady erosion of a ... Source: The Vancouver Sun

'Tuscan Sun' author to speak at Randolph College

The 2003 movie made from “Under the Tuscan Sun” starred Diane Lane and Sandra Oh , and Mayes was generally satisfied with it. “There are two different ways of telling a story,” she said, “so some of what went on was dramatized a little bit ... Source: WSLS.com

La Grotta-An Italian Escape Right in Atlanta

Or just buy a simple villa in Tuscany like Diane Lane in "Under the Tuscan Sun" Chef Antonio allows you to experience all these wonderful dreams right in Atlanta. A romantic restaurant overlooking a beautiful garden in the lobby of a hidden condo complex ... Source: Associated Content

From thief to purveyor of honest food

She finds the maternal warmth she needs in her Italian mother-in-law, and her sensuous descriptions of family meals and cooking sessions in Puglia make Under the Tuscan Sun pale in comparison. After nearly two decades of unexplained estrangement ... Source: Akron Beacon Journal

Tuscan Skies warm up Boys & Girls Club

The theme, “Under the Tuscan Skies” was highlighted by auction items including a week-long stay in Cortona, Italy, along with 250 silent auction items and 36 live auction items. The event was creatively planned by co-chairs Gee Gee Hanson and Janet ... Source: Desert Sun

Movie Review: Certified Copy

Certified Copy feels clinical, detached and, finally, a little too stiff, as it proves there really is nothing new under the Tuscan sun. Source: Dose.ca

Kate Walsh Brings More Visibility to Lesbians in 'Angels Crest'

Kate Walsh in "Angel's Crest" (2011). The first time Walsh played a gay character was in 2003’s Under The Tuscan Sun , as Sandra Oh’s character’s partner. The role could be considered a cameo at best and was not too significant. This time around ... Source: Gather.com

Kate Walsh 'loved Angels Crest character'

It's a really beautiful film." Walsh, who has played lesbian roles in both Inside Out and Under The Tuscan Sun , went on to confess that she does not consider a character's sexuality when reading for a part. "I'm just drawn to the role and the character ... Source: Digital Spy

Spoilt by Jervis Bay beauty in Worrowing House

Slumbering from shade under the trees, they sprang to life and pranced across ... the Worrowing estate offers guests four styles of self-contained accommodation: eco huts, Tuscan-inspired cottages, houses or boat sheds. We opted for the four-bedroom ... Source: News.com.au