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8 week vizslas playing
Tired Vizsla
Junge Vizsla Welpen Hunde
Vizsla dog & puppies
Vizsla and Ridgeback pups play
Vizsla - The Hungarian Pointer - Animal Attractions TV
Finley the Vizsla howling at the siren
7.5 weeks vizslas playing with Rozsi
Mates - magyar vizsla puppy
Rescue Vizsla finds a loving home.
Vincent The Vizsla Part2 (Ridgeback vs.Vizsla)
Our vizsla puppy Gundel (8 weeks old)
Vizsla thief breaking and entering to steal a treat
vizsla - Deer hunting - hound sy down
Rodney the Vizsla stalking birds at 5:45 AM!
vizsla alfie
Botty the vizsla 6 months old playing in the woods
Within Reach - Vizsla Aided by 1 Year Old To Get Ball
Pre - Vizsla (clone wars)
Vizsla Myositis (http://www.vizslamyositis.blogspot.com )
Vizsla Suzie at Bass Lake
Tess our 8 month old Vizsla puppy swimming
Vizsla Fun
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Milla the Vizsla
amber 2
Cute Vizsla Puppy
Magyar vizsla pointing
my future puppy (:
vizsla portrait
vizsla 1
Milla the Vizsla
Eszti 2
Vizsla snuggle 2
Vizsla Dan
5 months
Hudson 1 year
Vizsla pups
Dan Bergren
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Enraptured at the U

Later in life, he trained and hunted with a Cooper's hawk, red-tailed hawks and goshawks which, together with his Vizsla dog, made productive pheasant hunting partners. "I learned early on that hunting birds are not pets. You must not allow yourself to become attached. Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

At Rose City Classic, 16,000 expected to watch some of the nation's top dogs

Jake Funkhouser, a student at South Bend High School , dreams of being a world-class dog trainer. He is so dedicated to training Edgar, a vizsla, that he even skipped homecoming to work with the dog. They competed in the junior showmanship contest. Source: Oregonian

Huntsville teen to get $20K service dog

HUNTSVILLE, AL -- Emma Foxall loves animals, especially her own dog, a Chihuahua/pug mix. But bone and muscular problems she's had since birth make it difficult for the slender 13-year-old to corral the little dog when she wants to pet him. "She loves him ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

Honoring Count Noble, the 'Man O'War of English setters'

They owned millions of acres of moors. They had the passion to go shooting." Bird dogs include Gordon, English and Irish setters; the German short-haired pointer; the vizsla; the weimaraner; and Brittany spaniels. After some wealthy people petitioned ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Couture That Will Get Tails Wagging

And then the snows came along with the subzero temperatures, at which point I gave in and bought my shivering Vizsla a little something from Ralph Lauren. You can do the same if you are in the U.S.—I'm particularly fond of the Skull dog sweater ($115 ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Judge Orders Evaluation For Confessed Dog Killer

Deering admits that he shot Kaci, a Hungarian Vizsla, with a high-powered pellet gun, but he told the judge that he didn’t mean to kill her. “I was trying to scare it,” Deering said. “That dog had tried to attack me before with its partner.” Source: Denver Channel

Animal Attraction: Three New Loveable Breeds Join AKC Family

The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) recently expanded its litter of registered breeds to welcome the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, the Norwegian Lundehund and the Xoloitzcuintli --growing AKC’s family to 170 breeds. "The AKC is delighted to introduce these ... Source: KHOU

Six-toed hound, ancient Mexican dog join AKC

The AKC also welcomed the following breeds into the miscellaneous class: Bergamasco, Boerboels, Portuguese Podengo Pequenos, Sloughis, Peruvian Inca Orchid, Pumi, Dogo Argentino and Wirehaired Vizsla. A six-toed hound, a mountain dog and an ancient canine ... Source: Orange County Register

Hunting: Any excuse will do, as long as it gets you outdoors

Likewise, the old "I have to get the dog more work" excuse is played out this year, since my vizsla Gus has put in more hours afield this year than any other. I even contemplated dusting off the tried and true "I have to help a friend get one" excuse, but ... Source: Delaware Online

New Gentle Giant Website & Pre-Order

From GentleGiantLtd.com : Premier Guild Exclusive The Clone Wars - Holographic Pre Vizsla Maquette Straight off the screen from the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes Pre Vizsla the leader of the "Death Watch." A strong willed Mandalorian cut ... Source: TheForce.net