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Everything I Ask For- The Maine (acapella)
Sword Lake: In the Viewfinder
Clock Tower 3 Speed Run - 1:31:55 (Segment 4)
Patrick Alvarez, Conquering The Great Indoors:
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Walkthrough Part 98
Borders at Water Tower Place
Meet Me Halfway - The Black Eyed Peas! Live in Chicago March 13th, 2010.
Questions Surround Melissa Water Tower David Dorman Melissa Texas Mayor
Pokemon Emerald - Episode 47
Best Bellagio Fountain show ft frank sinatra
Ciputra Waterpark - Surabaya - East Java
Otis Glass Elevator at Water Tower Place Mall in Chicgao,IL
Niagara Falls, Canada, Skylon Tower
Otis Luxury Express Elevator at the Water Tower Place (serves floors 7, 2 and G only)
An original Express Lift (elevator) found in Reading (UK)
Zack & Wiki - Bell Tower of Requiem (1 of 2)
Dubai Ontario Tower, www.alineah.com
Day 185- Hanging At Depaul
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Full-Tower Case
The Maine-I Must Be Dreaming-Wet Seal Performance
Astana in Chicago
Po Chicago
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Water Tower Place 308
Water Tower Place
Water Tower Place-Chicago
Hancock and Water Tower Place
January 13th 06
120807 Water Tower Place
Water Tower Place
Magnificent Mile 7
120907 Water Tower Place
Water Tower Place
The Hancock Tower and Water Tower Place
120807 Water Tower Place
Water Tower Place
Hancock Building and Water Tower Place
The Water Tower Place elevator - 7th story
John Hancock Center and Water Tower Place
Water Tower Place
Magnificent Mile 6
Water Tower place Chicago
120907 Water Tower Place
January 13th 06
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Water Tower Place In The News

Victoria's Secret to close at Tower Place

Victoria’s Secret in Tower Place Mall is scheduled to close Jan. 23. An employee who identified herself as the manager said the location would be closing but wouldn't provide further details. The new manager of downtown Cincinnati's Tower Place Mall ... Source: Birmingham Business Journal

Civil War memorial in Mo. will have water tower nearby

JOPLIN, Mo. -- Some fans of a planned Civil War memorial park in southwest Missouri are upset that a water tower is being built near the memorial's site. Jasper County water officials spent $250,000 on the water tower before being contacted about the war memorial. Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Residents in Tower City, Porter Township informed nearby land may be site of water withdrawal for future drilling

At least nine households in Tower City and Porter Township ... It is unclear if the natural gas drilling would take place in Schuylkill County. It is also unclear if Rausch Creek owns land elsewhere in Pennsylvania. The water withdrawal plan must first be ... Source: Republican & Herald

Embattled DuPage Water Commission picks new treasurer

The DuPage Water Commission's board has hired Jim Rasins, retired DuPage County auditor, as the agency's treasurer and agreed to restart talks with three finalists who interviewed last year to be the commission's general manager. Commissioners have said ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Laurelville water rates to go up

While no capital improvements were necessary in 2010, the instrument controls for the communication between the water tower and pump need to be replaced this year, at an estimated cost of $15,000. In the past nine years, water rates have been increased one time. Source: MySanAntonio

Freedom Tower to get its own police command center, nearly 700 cops

Nearly 700 city cops will be assigned to a new command dedicated to policing the Freedom Tower and surrounding area ... but scores of cops will already be in place by the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. "We will have a significant presence there when ... Source: New York Daily News

A decade in, Portland's One Waterfront Place high-end office tower remains grounded

A very narrow niche" As One Waterfront Place stalled, other big buildings sprouted. In 1999, the 23-story ODS Tower opened on Southwest Morrison near Pioneer Place. A year later, Tom Moyer's 27-story Fox Tower debuted on Southwest Broadway. Last year, San ... Source: Oregonian

City completes installation of water meters three months early

Olathe has finished the process of replacing more than 34,000 water meters and connecting them to a new automated metering system. Each meter sends a radio signal to a tower antenna, which then relays the information to central facility. The new metering ... Source: Kansas City Star

Crop-duster pilot may not have seen tower

The pilot of a crop-dusting plane may not have seen a meteorological tower before he crashed into it and died in Contra Costa County, according to a preliminary report by federal investigators. Stephen Allen, 58, of Courtland (Sacramento County) died after ... Source: San Francisco Gate

Pickerington Considering Selling Ad Space On Water Tower

I just think there's better ways to generate revenue for a city than advertising on a water tower." “Might as well use that free ... If it passes, Blair says he wants clauses in place saying how the ad would be removed if a business were to go out of bus ... Source: NBC4 Columbus