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Amazing Child Singer - Daves Highway performs Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin
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How to make a USB Spy Camera
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Message To Scientology: We Still Run This
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Demeanor trumps morality in the public mind (Police, cops)
What is a Browser?
Stephenville TX - UFO Wave - Angelia Joiner LIVE at the X-Conference
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
Anthrax with Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
Sonata Arctica - To Create A Warlike Feel
We Live In Public Film Screening at SXSW
Tales of the Hawk - A Secret UFO Insider - Bruce Maccabee, PhD LIVE at the X-Conference
Josh Harris, internet entrepreneur (We Live in Public) and TV addict Part 3
2012 Illuminati Conspiracy 3 of 7
Michael Heart- We will not go down (Song for Gaza) With Lyrics
Leaders Of The New School & Fu-Schnickens - Live
Anberlin - Downtown Song
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Exhibit Rouses Ghosts of Past in Zimbabwe

Last September, bowing to public outcry over the statue’s origin , the statue ... artist in Zimbabwe is to give voice to what people are terrified of saying. “We live in a society where we’re so afraid, even of our own shadows,” he said. Source: New York Times

States to blame for poor planning, not public pensions

Why should public employees have to suffer for what the spineless officials ... and be guaranteed that the income lasts as long as we live. I would like to have the money I contribute through taxes for public pensions to put in my own retirement savings. Source: USA Today

Identities of two injured in Vancouver drive-by Saturday night still unknown

We don’t know what precipitated this shooting and we don ... and said he didn’t know many details beyond what information police released to the public. "Anytime there’s an instance of a drive-by shooting...there’s certainly concern about the ... Source: Oregonian

Mental illness unlikely to clear shooting suspect in court, experts say

The public is hostile and the courts are hostile to a mental health defense," said David Bruck, a law professor at Washington and Lee University and a nationally recognized expert in capital cases. "An insanity defense is almost never successful if the ... Source: Los Angeles Times

If we build it, they will come

If this were such a terrible place to live, our housing wouldn’t be so expensive. To really understand the conundrum of a state like Massachusetts – with its high incomes and low population growth – we must factor in our lack of housing. An area’s ... Source: Boston Globe

Va. data show drop in criminal firepower during assault gun ban

The analysis of the Virginia records, obtained under the state's public information law, provides a rare window into the firepower of guns used in crimes. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which traces guns for local police agencies ... Source: Washington Post

Briton pleads not guilty in Iraq shooting

Hoare "was trying to push the pistol to my throat to kill me ... and while we were wrestling I fired two shots in the chest," Fitzsimons said. "I made the decision and pulled the trigger." Covered with blood, Fitzsimons fled the scene and was running ... Source: San Francisco Gate

Think tank's influence grows with Haley in office

Rick Perry speaks to the Texas Public Policy Foundation every two years and he's donating ... Nobody buys anything out of the Policy Council," Landess said. "We've taken on issues that have offended pretty much everyone across the board. Source: Oregonian

SecondMarket trading doubles in private company stock

Few tech companies have gone public in recent years. That leaves employees and early investors holding stock that's essentially illiquid, unless they can arrange a private sale to an interested buyer. SecondMarket launched its private company stock ... Source: CNN Money

Urban Forager | A Green Queen in Winter

Ava Chin for The New York Times Chickweed, green as ever. Blizzards, snowstorms and freezing temperatures have no effect on springy, delicate-seeming chickweed, which for the past few months has been growing stealthily across the city. Even when most ... Source: New York Times Blogs