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China's Wenzhou lets residents invest abroad

according to reports which cited statements by the Wenzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau on Friday. Investments in real estate or stocks will reportedly be prohibited during the trial. "Irish Prime Minister Cowen resigns as party leader http://on. Source: Marketwatch

China’s Wenzhou to Let Individuals Invest Overseas

Citizens cannot exceed $3 million with any single investment abroad or spend more than a total $200 million each year, and may not invest in overseas financial companies, according to a statement on the Wenzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau ... Source: BusinessWeek

GlassesShop.com: Unveiled $500 Glasses Gift Package Giveaway for the New Year

It is based in China's glasses capital, Danyang city, and has set up supply and logistics centers in Wenzhou and Shenzhen, and the United States. GlassesShop.com, with a monthly sales volume of over a thousand pairs in Europe and the United States, has ... Source: YAHOO!

China Currency Reserves Rise to Record $2.85 Trillion

Yuan Strengthens The level of China’s currency holdings is a world record. The Shanghai Composite Index closed ... China will increase the currency’s flexibility this year to cut the trade surplus and reduce inflationary pressure, central bank Deputy ... Source: BusinessWeek

Taobao all-nighter whips e-shoppers into buying frenzy

Wang Shao, a 25-year-old news magazine editor in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, spent almost 90 percent of her salary at Taobao. "Some brands, like ZARA and H&M, haven't officially launched in Wenzhou, so I have to buy them online through agents, who charge ... Source: People's Daily Online

City's personal offshore investment trial may have little impact: analysts

Zhang Handong, a researcher with the provincial international trade research center, said, "Many Wenzhou natives who want to invest ... China's foreign exchange reserves, the world's largest, rose to a record 2.85 trillion U.S. dollars in December. Source: Xinhua News Agency


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