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[10/10] Maybe I'm Old Fashioned
Alessandra Ambrosio at Trousdale nightclub
Sonic Boom Six - While You Were Sleeping (Promo)
While You Were Sleeping (7/9)
Sweet November Tribute
This Little Child w/ Lyrics
Fionn Regan - Noah (ghost in a sheet)
Mermaid Melody Mother Symphony Lyrics
Peter Frampton - Busch Gardens - Williamsburg, Virginia, USA - August 16, 2008 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Randy Edelman - Beethoven Théme : Opening
While You Were Sleeping (8/9)
Framing Hanley - Built For Sin - lyrics
Half-Life 2: Project_Resistance Part 1
Slave (Nights of May 2009)
Goodbye, my lover: Ross, Rachel, Joey (Friends)
Back to the Hunger Games Tonight - Cover of 'Back to December' by Taylor Swift
TUTORIAL: Like We Used To - A Rocket to the Moon
Fall From Paradise by Classified
Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon (Piano Tutorial)
George Harrison - The Concert for Bangladesh - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
04 Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow
James Blunt_Goodbye My Lover...instrumental (karaoke)
All You Wanted
Friends - Ross & Rachel - Goodbye my lover
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Once While you were sleeping I put a tampon in your mouth
While you were sleeping
While You Were Sleeping The Sequel
wyws hospital
I can stand UP Mom
while you were sleeping
While You Were Sleeping
While you were sleeping
While you were sleeping
Moving on
our Charmaneso excited to see her off the vent and OUT of bedthis was less than 4 hours post vent
saying goodbye to our favorites
While You Were Sleeping
while you were sleeping
while you were sleeping
Ecocilla Miss B Dr Lipknat and Kellymoments before we pulled the vent
While You Were Sleeping Soundtrack
while you were sleeping
while you were sleeping
while you were sleeping
the transfer nurse getting her hooked up to the new monitors
while you were sleeping
Haga While you were sleeping
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While you were sleeping: U.S. consumer lifts stocks

(BusinessDesk) March 29 - Stocks on Wall Street and in Europe eked out gains amid data that showed the all-important U.S. consumer spent more than expected last month. Consumer spending climbed 0.7% in the world’s largest economy during February ... Source: Scoop

While you were sleeping.. Australians end long wait for iPad 2

While you were sleeping, the iPad 2 went on sale in Australia, and it seems to have drawn a lot of attention. This was the queue at 0704am this morning in Sydney... (Thanks to Beau Giles in Sydney who took a whole set of pictures through the night. People ... Source: The Guardian

Vancouver Canucks: While You Were Sleeping They Have Taken over the NHL

The Vancouver Canucks have all but locked up the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference as they barrel toward the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They have won eight of their last 10. Roberto Luongo is having arguably the best season of his career. Daniel Sedin has ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

HUNNEMAN: While you were sleeping

Perhaps you were busy and missed it. More than likely you were asleep. However, as of 3 a.m. EDT (midnight here on the West Coast) on March 19, the word is no longer e-mail, it's email. The announcement was made over the weekend by the editors of the ... Source: North County Times

JakPak functions as sleeping bag and tent... if you're desperate

Getting stuck in the rain unprepared is never a fun situation, especially if you were planning to spend ... Elastic at the top of the sleeping bag and helpful suspenders ensure that you are fully and comfortably covered while you sleep. Source: YAHOO!

Sleep on Your Back - Your Face Will Thank You

All sorts of little lines I had attributed to laughing and frowning were actually caused by ... A lifelong stomach sleeper, it took a while for me to make the switch to sleeping on my back, but I'm glad I did. Here's how you can make the change and the ... Source: Associated Content

Another view: A world that is too busy to notice

While waiting to pick up your child from dance class, could you spare 15 minutes to drop in and say “Hi” to your elderly cousin? Could you leave early for Bridge Club so that you could visit an old friend along the way? If the shoe were on the other ... Source: Record

How a catnap helps you live longer

and lie down (it can take 50 percent longer to fall asleep while sitting). * To maximise the benefits, drink coffee before your nap - caffeine takes 20 to 30 minutes to take effect, so will kick in just as you’re waking. * If sleeping eludes you ... Source: Independent Online

Itamar massacre: Fogel family butchered while sleeping

"I, and the entire nation of Israel, embrace you and the three grandchildren who survived ... "The daughter saw what happened, while the two young boys were in the other room and did not see the incident," the official said. Ambulance in Itamar on night ... Source: YNET News

You Replay Your Day's Activities When Sleeping: French Research

Their belief was that the test subjects might repeat the task while sleeping, providing evidence of what sleep ... buttons when shown the corresponding colours on a TV monitor. They were then asked to simulate the task while lying - awake - in bed. Source: Med India