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Guy & Marian (My Skin)
Enjoy Joshua Bell's Performance in Washington in the morning
36th Drawing : The Yes Guy
Obama back in Phoenix 8-17-09 Yes a man had an AR 15... get over it.
Runescape 1item Dbow BH Vid 10 :: 90M + Loot | 130m+ Downed | Turmoil | D Claws VLS Bandos & DH
Yes Man - Gag reel / Bloopers
Black Eyed Peas - The END
Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009
O`Obrouni..! White Man British speaks TWI (Ghana) Akwaaba! Welcome to Ghana!
Obama Defends Republicans?
Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)
Eminem - Love the Way You Lie ft Rihanna Parody: Key of Awesome #27
Frank Caliendo on Letterman
MMV: Addicted
Obligation of Carry by Nutnfancy
Hilton the Chainsaw Guy's Commercial 2000
COD MW2 - File a Complaint on Chris Smoove
Top 50 worst videogame voice acting
Tourette guy Best of
Dad at Comedy Barn
Yes, cake. Delicious cake.
Yes, I Know - Gaither Vocal Band
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Yes the guy in the front has a gun
Fred MacMurray's house (Yes the guy from quotMy 3 Sonsquot)
Yes Guy
That's me checking the pics on the camera Vids d'you realize that it's G2(or is it Jitu) over there Yes the guy in the blue shirt on the other table (pic co Vida)
Yes the guy in the center and the one in the right kissed Fangirls were even throwing coins at them to kiss again
yes a guy
Duke of Strathmore residence
Part of the Bono lectures (yes the guy from U2)
Yes Guy aka Frank Nelson Type
yes guy
yes a guy
Battle in the Sky
yes the guy on the left is wearing a Ghostbuster costume
Ahh yes the guy who bought us a completely necessary round of Red Bull amp Vodka atwhat time was it
Yes a guy was actually on another guys back UPSIDE DOWN head RUSH
LEGO Boba Fett
Martini Yes - Guy Buffet
Carmen's and Deidara's children (not all of them xD)
yes guy
Fred quotThe Hammerquot Williamson amp Walter White's team
Yes guy
The Tall Yes Guy
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Yes, This Blog Is Leaving NYTimes.com

As reported in Forbes on Friday, the Freakonomics blog will be leaving NYTimes.com on or around March 1 and returning to its indie roots. As for the blog itself: surely there will be some changes (we’ll return to a full RSS feed , for one), but much will ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Innovative coach Guy Boucher deserves considerable credit for success of Tampa Bay Lightning

This is the guy I want running my team ... I refused six times to be a head coach in juniors before I said yes," Boucher said. "It's never been about chasing a dream for me; it's never been about chasing money or whatever else comes with it. Source: St. Petersburg Times

Yes, you can just drop by the Dali

The Dali Museum folks want you to know that walk-up tickets for admission to its new museum are available. Reports in some news outlets said the public could visit only with a timed ticket purchased online. Not the case, says Cindy Cockburn, a spokeswoman ... Source: St. Petersburg Times

Chuck Miller and Getty Images? Yes please…

Of course, I raised my hand for a question. The tour guide looked at me.  “Do you have a question, little boy?” “Yes,” I replied.  “If the horse had three legs off the ground, did it mean the horse died, too?” Ah, the precociousness of youth. Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

Pizza Guy for President!

That will all change.” Boortz says, “There’s not an ounce of doubt in my mind that he’s not only serious, but far more qualified for that job than the guy we have in there right now. This guy, he’s masterful, and somewhat of a philosopher. Source: YAHOO!

Do Grandmas love Kid Rock? Yes, they do!

One of the recent videos that caught my attention is of a 74-year-old Grandma who is rocking along to Kid Rock's "Born Free" while driving in her Honda Fit. Her son recorded it and posted it on YouTube , and in a matter days, it went viral. Why? Well ... Source: MLive.com

David v. Goliath: The Little Guy Gets the Big Picture on Domestic Terrorism

So, for journalism that connects the dots between Spokane, Tucson, the rise of an extremist American Right and, yes, the uptick in violent rhetoric that feeds it, go to David Neiwert. He's an award-winning writer and former MSNBC producer who's been ... Source: Nation

Should Portland Police rejoin the JTTF? Yes. Will they? Sigh.

Dwight Holton and Arthur Balizan have been making the rounds recently, smiling as often as possible, keeping their voices steady and soft, and generally behaving like two reasonable, thoughtful, trustworthy guys. Give them credit: The interim U.S. attorney ... Source: Oregonian

How Many Millions Did Google Have To Give This Guy To Keep Him From Going To Twitter?

Twitter tried to hire a Google product VP named Sundar Pichai, but failed after Google gave Pichai a big raise, Liz Gannes reports. Google is constantly fending off other Valley companies trying to poach its talented engineers and executives. Mostly we've ... Source: San Francisco Gate

LeBron James: Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy

Almost exactly six moths after he was unwittingly cast in the role, LeBron James is embracing the idea of being the NBA ’s arch-villain. Sunday night in Portland , LeBron unleashed as dominant a second-half performance as you’re likely to see in an NBA ... Source: Bleacherreport.com