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youth in revolt
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Youth Revolt
Youth Revolt
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MOVIE REVIEW: "Youth In Revolt"

Michael Cera has seemingly perfected the quirky, sensitive, awkward teenager role, from his role in the TV show " Arrested Development ," to his movie career with roles in " Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist " to " SuperBad " to " Juno " to " Scott Pilgrim ... Source: Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

McKeever teases 'Fear Itself' tie-in

McKeever claims Youth In Revolt sees the book's cast split into two different sides following the events of Matt Fraction's main Fear Itself series. "You're going to see characters on two sides," McKeever explained to Newsarama . "There will be characters ... Source: Digital Spy

In Libya Revolt, Youth Will Serve, or at Least Try

RAS LANUF, Libya — The bullet the boy held was bigger than his hand. He said he was 15, but then admitted he was 14, and frankly, he looked a year or two younger than that. When an enemy warplane approached, sending the gunmen around him scrambling for ... Source: New York Times

UAE: The Arab world’s next tiger

I am loath to invest money in any country ruled by a Supreme Military Council led by serving generals in their seventies while a youth revolt simmers. It is prudent to sell Ezz Steel even though it fell 10 per cent to 14 EGP. Egyptian banks (CBI ... Source: Khaleej Times

Shi'ite rebels step up attacks in Yemen, down government MiG

Arab diplomats said the Shi'ite revolt was being equipped and trained by Iranian elements, particularly Hizbullah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In February 2010, the Believing Youth movement reached a ceasefire accord with the Saleh regime. Source: World Tribune

Shi'ites in Bahrain resume revolt, call for new 'Day of Rage'

Neither Al Wefaq nor the Feb. 14 Youth Movement has been identified with the renewed ... The Lebanese were charged with transferring money to Bahrain to fuel the Shi'ite revolt. More than 5,000 Lebanese live in Bahrain and authorities have suspended ... Source: World Tribune

Palestine's Youth Revolt

RAMALLAH —The youth of occupied Palestine, like their compatriots across the Middle East, are starting to demand changes from their divided and unresponsive leadership. They call themselves the March 15 Youth, after the date of their first major ... Source: Foreign Policy

Middle Eastern youth now fight for their political voice

The revolt in Libya, the most censored country in the Middle East and North Africa according to the 2009 Freedom of the Press Index, is an illumination of the vigorously growing opposition fueled by youth who, through access to social media, have seen how ... Source: Washington Square News

Another Middle East tyrant at the brink

A YOUTH revolt based around Sanaa University in Yemen's capital has spearheaded a nationwide movement that is on the verge of bringing down another U.S.-backed strongman, Ali Abdullah Saleh. The continued protests, which surged following the fall of Egypt ... Source: Socialist Worker Online

Which Ali will it be?

The mistake that President Saleh made at the beginning of the revolt in getting Liberation Square occupied by his “loyalists” rather than the protestors, as the latter had attempted (like their Egyptian predecessors), proved a life saver for the Youth ... Source: Yemen Times